Wednesday, 19 August 2009

It's been a while again

I can't work out why I keep forgetting to blog. I just know that it gets to 11pm and I remember. But by then I have lost the ability to turn the TV over, let alone think up fun and interesting things to say.

Even now I have nothing. Oh, maybe I do. We have a puppy (we had two, but my parents swooped in and stole one..) See the face of pure evil..

Yes, he is a Jack Russell. Yes, he does delight in biting my feet. No, he won't sleep at night on his own. I spend half the night lying on the conservatory floor with my head in his basket in an attempt to stop him whining. It doesn't tend to work. G is completely besotted with him. No actually, G was completely besotted with him and then had to pick up poo and the novelty wore off. Lal and Max (oh, that is his name... Max"the puppy in"amillion - chosen cos Lal can say it) are partners in crime, wreaking havoc on the garden..


Lal is coming along nicely now. No, he isn't a stew.. but you know.. he can almost speak. I appreciate the silence really. Or I would if it weren't punctuated by screams.

G is a teenage delight. She still loves Cadets, and loved being away on Dartmoor with them for two weeks. Except for one garbled phone call in which I was lovingly informed that she was "on manoevers and is hiding in a field, but my position is lying in a pile of sheep shite." Apparently they learn nice language at Cadet camp. OH.OH.OH.OH. You'll never believe it.. the morning after she came back.. she made her bed, tidied her room and cleaned away her breakfast plates. AND washed them up. She's been back 10 days now, so she has remembered to forget to do any of that now, but it was nice while it lasted.

G, showing how appreciative she was of being taken to a huge play area with massive sandpit.


She looks happy, no? Enjoying herself? Not bothering to constantly text. *sigh again*

What else? I can think of nothing, but promise (I do, Hayley, I do.. I'm sorry!) to write again tomorrow night.

K x

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