Friday, 28 November 2008

Scan story

Scans.. loved them. Loved them so much I had to pay for the fancy 3d one, just so I could see him one more time before I met him for real. I had three scans.. so I'll do three stories!

12 week Scan

K was away again (when was he not? lol) so I went on my own. I could have taken G, but I was suffering from First Scan Terror. You know, the terror that you've imagined the 19 positive tests and you're not actually pregnant. Drank the obligatory 19 glasses of water, and crossed my legs to wait my turn. I was informed that my bladder was too full, and could I let a little out? No mean feat, but success acheived. And then that wait. Gel on tummy, itchy paper stuffed into best knickers, stomach still completely flat except for the bump on you can see.. and the 2 minute silent wait. The silence that stretches forever until the sonographer deigns to tell you that there is a heartbeat. And legs and arms and a head. Anyway, here is baby IT (as was then) arms, legs and head..Aww, it was waving..


20 week Scan

I loved this one. It was the 10th August and the day before my birthday. A perfect present. I took G with me, as I really did want her to be involved, and thought it would kill any feelings of jealousy stone dead.

Learnt my lesson from the time before and didn't drink too much water. Still wore my best knickers though, and this time I *did* have a bump that would be seen by someone other than me. She did all the measurements, and then asked if we wanted to know the sex. I did, I wanted the surprise, but wanted it then! I asked the sonographer to whisper it to G, so that she sould be the very first person to know whether she was having a baby brother or sister. She squealed ridiculously loudly, which was how I knew he was a boy. A sister didn't really appeal.. So.. here.. the 20 week baby boy:


An alien in the third pic, obviously.

28 week 3d scan

Just brilliant. Well worth the money. It cost around £100 with the photos I think, and I got a cd with all the pictures and some real time movement on. I cried through the whole thing. G sang to my belly at one point, and he turned directly towards her and listened. Cried again. Stupid hormones. And the pics.. the last one.. well.. I asked my bump to confirm (before I decorated his room and bought boy clothes) to just confirm that he was actually male. An obliging baby.. he did..


Shy baby..


Not so shy baby boy.. G insisted in having a proper print of this picture and taking it into school to show all her friends. K was just proud..


K (who is not feeling at all broody now.. damn you Lynda.. why scan pictures when he's about to turn two and the whole baby thing seems so long ago.. )

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The picture of my discontent

Just, before I start. Here.. this is what I'm living with. It's like a dark shadow cast over the house. Behind the door, I know that this mess is waiting for me. And it's driving me crazy. I can no longer use the upstairs bathroom as I have to pass by the door. I'm telling you, the mess haunts my dreams.


Right, neuroses done. Now let's talk about today.

Last night I had a mini argument with G - can you guess what about? She went to bed in a huff, and I accidentally overdosed on droswy cough syrup. I'm positive I bought the non drowsy one, but ah well. Woke up at 8.10, on the sofa, freezing all the way from top to tippy toes and shouted at G to get up. My poor girl had already got up, dressed, breakfasted herself and left, all without waking me. Felt horrible. Really horrible. So resolved to do something nice for her. Something really nice... for her.

Lal ate breakfast again, and today Louie's World taught him body parts. Not dismembered ones, there was a picture of a boy. Now why is it that I've been labelling his parts for months now, but when Louie says it, Lal can suddenly point to his head, legs, arms and feet. Pfft. I just have contrary children.

What else? And why do have such a terrible memory?

Ah yes, G had another detention tonight. Her crime? Her top button wasn't completely done up. Pfft. I texted and reminded her that I would be picking her up from school at 4.30 and we'd go straight to the Stop Smoking Clinic - free patches.. woohoo. 4.20, Lal and I got in the car, named a few body parts, sang Bob the Lally, can he fix it, and arrived at the school at 4.31. No G. No G anywhere. Ring her mobile, switched off. Ring again, still switched off. Ring again and my phone tells me that I have used all my credit. I turned around to tell Lal that we were going home, and he'd fallen asleep. At 4.45. Nooooooooooo. Did you hear the shout of terror? He'll never sleep tonight. Finally, at 4.50, the phone rang. My next door neighbour who informed me that G was with her and that she'd gotten a lift home with a friend. The air in my car turned ever so quietly blue as we made our way home through the rush hour traffic.

It's 8.30 and the 26 minutes sleep Lal had in the car has meant that he is still awake. He's in his cot, with the side up and has thrown every single blanket and pillow out in frustration. Bedtime bear was just launched into the hall. It's going to be a very long night.

And after I was nice to G and returned her room to it's former glory as well. Hands up who knew I'd break and hang the damn clothes up myself?

K xx

Monday, 24 November 2008

Nagging, breakfast and sigs

"G.. sweetie, could you hang up the clothes in your bedroom please? Thanks love."

So, today. You'll never believe it. Lal ate breakfast. Actually ate it. Cereal, two yogurts, a fruit pot, a packet of raisins and two gingerbread men. I was that excited, I rang Hushy to celebrate. She was once again screening my calls, so to pay her back I rang back every 15 minutes for two hours. I finally stalked her into submission, she answered and we chatted (whilst she made soup.. from scratch not from a can... incredible) Where was I? Oh yes, breakfast. He ate it! For the first time since July. JULY. Breakfast. What a fantastic Monday.

"Jogs, don't forget to hang those clothes up please love.. you still haven't done it. Thanks sweetie."

What else did we do today? Well, there was breakfast, the Hushy call.. umm.. oh yes, we watched Baby Tv. Louie's world to be precise. Lal's speech is coming along nicely, if you don't need the first half of words. On Louie's World, a nice lady says "A stereo system/television/remote control/ etc etc etc (today was Electronic devices - yesterday was clothes, it varies..) (can you put brackets in a quote?) (probably not) " She then says "A stereo system.. where's the stereo system, there's the stereo system. A stereo system." And then goes onto the next thing.

Lal can now say:

sion - television

stum - stereo system

trol - remote control

ter - computer

And woe betide me if I say that he's said sion when it was actually stem. I get that look of disappointment. You know the one..

"Georgia, if you haven't hung those clothes up by the time I get upstairs...."

What else? I have a niggling cough that I am trying to cure by smoking more.. it's not working yet though, I'm going to have to persevere.

Ooh oh.. caught the G out again. Suddenly remembered at around 2 that it was Monday and that she *may* have Cross Country after school, so texted her to confirm. At 3.35 I got a text back saying "yes." At 4.20 she rang me to say that she was on her way home.. our conversation:

"Mum.. I'm 5 minutes from town, I'll be home in about 20 minutes."

"Ok sweetie.. you're early.. was there no cross country?"

"No, there was.. but not many people went, so we finished quicker..."

Riiiight.. I get it. Apparently, if fewer people than usual go.. it takes far less time to run 3 miles. Upon cross examination on her arrival home, it was established that she had failed to attend the after school club and had decided to ride the Number 42 bus' entire route - just because her friend lives at the last stop. Marvellous.

Lal didn't nap today. By 5.25 he was falling asleep into his (non eaten) dinner. He perked up slightly in the bath at 6, but then mistook the bubbles for a pillow and we had a mini drowning incident. He's been asleep since 6.30 and I'm fully expecting his internal alarm to be loud and cheerful at Even more marvellous.

"Georgina Mary Alice. I picked the clothes up from the pit you call your room. I washed the clothes. I dried the damn clothes. I ironed them and put them on hangers. The ONLY thing I asked you to do is to hang them in your wardrobe. That's it. I didn't send you out to pick the cotton and hand sew them. I asked you to hang them up. I will be upstairs in 3 minutes. If it's not done I'm taking your computer, your phone, your bed and your life... get it? 3 minutes."

And finally.. I'll show off. Not only my monsters, but my fab new Hushy sigs..



K xx

(who is sneaking back into journalling.. well hopefully..)

Saturday, 8 November 2008


Had a bath this morning. A proper bath..with bubbles and everything. Not just a quick dip in and out whilst keeping one eye on Lal as he destroys.. well destroys everything.

G was (nominally) watching him, so I took myself away. The thing is, I think I've ruined forever my biochemistry and I don't think my skin or body will ever recover.

It didn't start off too well. Tesco are delivering the shopping between 3-5, so will obviously get here at 5.01, so we only had night time bath stuff. Dreamy Skin by Johnson and Johnson (see BC? Advertising too..) now this contains Moonglow and guarantees that I will fall asleep quicker and easier. But it's day so I don't want to do that! Quick... shower gel.. Kick Start with Ginseng and Guarana, that'll do it. I am now supposed to be feeling revitalised and energised.. good good.

Of course, as it's been a while since I've had a proper bath, and with no man to impress, I haven't shaved for a while.. time to get out the trusty, rusty razor and attempt to tame the legs. Use the Kick Start as a foamy froth and cut 26 tiny little bleeding scars into the legs. Painful but worth it.

Eyes fall upon the White Musk Soft Satin Body Polish (or bits of sand in creme) and decide that that looks good. Forget all about the 26 bleeding cuts until the exfoliator enters the holes and agony ensues.

Forget all about the primping and sink under the water (knees in the air as the bath is too short) and just float for a while. Get into maximum comfort mode and open eyes just in time to see huge plastic frog landing on my head... The babysitter had lost her charge and he'd come to investigate what mummy was doing. Remove frog from head, call G and relax again.

G decides that she has had enough of watching him, and is suddenly desperate to share her need of the toilet and so sits down.. in my bathroom.. obviously the other two toilets in the house aren't good enough, and she was taught to share.. Lal decides that it is tooth brushing time, so uses his commando moves to scale the sink, sit in it and start brushing (and throwing toothpaste tubes, soap dispensers and mouthwash into my bath)

I give up entirely on relaxing and reach for the face wash that guarantees to purify my pores, prevent all forms of aging and leave my skin feeling as soft as the day I was born. Realise that G has used all my one, and use her Witch one instead. It'll still clean my pores..

(Still feeling the pain of the exfoliator btw)

Curse the fact that I sank under the water and now need to wash my hair. Find shampoo.. the shampoo that will leave my hair revitalised, energised, and smelling of chamomile, aloe vera and passion flower.. ooh.. it'll balance the moisture too.. excellent! (Sorry.. I misquoted.. it will "revitalise my senses in a world of botanical bliss")

So, face done, legs done, body done (whilst ignoring the refusing to go away bit of tummy flab that's still left over from Lal) hair done.. covered in ginseng, guarana, white musk, chamomile, aloe vera, passion flower, moonglow, toothpaste, mouthwash, hand soap, plastic frog.. time to get out.

Shoo all children from bathroom - Lal still sitting in the sink, and G now playing "The way you make me feel" by Michael Jackson through her mobile, and rise gracefully from the water. Sigh in frustration as I realise that wet plastic frog landed on my nice fluffy towel when he was ejected from the water, and grumble about having to dry myself with a soggy towel.

And now the drying and dressing stage..

Send Lal and G downstairs to eat Gingerbread men and toast respectively and attempt makeup. Ah, first with face cream. I have the calming eye cream.. the one that will ensure the dark circles disappear whilst simultaneously remove all signs of aging. The face cream that will smooth wrinkles, reinvigorate and revitalise, all the while calming the skin..

Make up consists of lash curling, length enhancing, clump declumping mascara; smoothing and clarifying powder and a little eyeshadow that does nothing but make me look tired.

Hair, well it's still orange after the disastrous dye attempt, so gets minimal hair spray (smoothing, shining whilst giving bounce) and a quick go over with the hair dryer. Lal hears the hair dryer - thinks it's being aimed at him and cowers under his cot for 5 minutes trying to hide. G starts with the "aren't you done yet? I need to straighten my hair."

Locate clothes.. jeans and jumper, it's cold and I'm old. Deodarant.. which promises that I will bask in the glow of calendula and my skin will be restored and enhanced.

So.. I'm clean and I'm calmed, revitalised, restored, enhanced, reinvigorated, clarified, smoothed, balanced, energised, anti aged, smooth as a newborn baby and bleeding. All in 30 minutes.

Came downstairs, tidied up the books that Lal pulled out of the bookshelf, cleaned out two fish tanks, washed up, made more breakfast and wondered why the only thing to work was the bath stuff that guaranteed I'd sleep easier.

I'm exhausted..

K xx