Friday, 29 February 2008


Baptism day! Not what I was expecting, but a fun day nonetheless. Old history part.. Lal was partially baptised just before he went into hospital with Pyloric Stenosis. Partially in that he had only been blessed with water, and hadn't completed his full baptism... so he was half saved! :)
K and I have been supposed to arrange to finish it for the last year. We failed. We freely admit it, we are procrastinators.. or I am, and he has no choice but to obey. Our Priest, the semi Godfather, got fed up with waiting, and on his scheduled visit today, brought along his oils and anointed the Lal.

I did have 45 minutes notice that it was going to happen, so got my old Baptism dress from the murky depths of my wardrobe. It's a lovely traditional dress, that G wore as well, so there is family history there. Everybody say Ahhhh. But I was supposed to get it altered to fit Lal, and remove the sheer puffiness from the sleeves. The "I'll do it later" monster struck again, and I failed. Again.
So.. at 10am Lal was dressed in his sister's gown, with a white nappy underneath.. matching.. obviously, and was properly and completely baptised. K couldn't be off work, so was saying his responses via speakerphone (very surreal) and I was trying to stop Lal from knocking over the Holy Water.

It all went well. Even if I did have to raid the things I sell for a present for Fr B and some baptism presents for Lal. Not sure if I ever mentioned it, but I sell Catholic items online.. rosaries, crucifixes, bibles, that sort of thing. I now owe myself money. Grr.

When G was baptised, our then Priest didn't allow pictures to be taken in the church, so we had posed shots on a blue chair at home, with her shawl as the backdrop. I thought it would be a nice idea to recreate the scene with Lal..

Sadly, the only way I could get him to sit still, was to have Baby Tv on behind me, hence the rather gormless and vacant look on his face. Otherwise this happened.. Photobucket That's my boy.

And for the rest of today.. well.. He rediscovered the cooking oil, which is still causing our kitchen floor to resemble an ice skating rink. He ate 6 crayons, not all of them, just the tasty part of the tip. He finally learnt how to say "gerga" in relation to G. And put his brand new ELC lion down the toilet. Ah, how happy am I that the toilet escapades are returning. No really. I am.

What else? Not much.. I am planning a huge party to celebrate Lal's induction into Church, and I will actually get round to doing more than plan soon. So far I have discovered the need for a party, which is progress.

And that's it. Unless anyone has any ideas on what I do with the left over Holy Water? It is currently in a nice jug, I can hardly just throw it away..

Ooh.. I wonder if the full and completed baptism will mean that Lal behaves at Mass on Sunday? I am looking forward to that experiment.

K x

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Anyone for yogurt?

Gah! Another one of those days, I feel like I have been a mother forever, if its not one of them trying to kill me, its the other.

The littlest monster has been in fine form today. I left him downstairs whilst I took the ironing and clean washing up. He got hungry. Understandable really, it was a whole 30 minutes since he'd last eaten...


Notice the bottle of wine for after Greek Yogurt thirst. Wonderful. Apart from the fridge incident, he has been fairly good today. Oh, maybe one thing, he has noticed that there is a magic tray on my computer. If you press a button on the box.. a fancy thing slides out.. and in.. and out.. and in. I'm guessing that I'm not going to be able to listen to any Cd's via pc for a while. He also has more words. "No" is leading the way, followed closely by "Muuuummmm?" and "Whassat?" Specially learnt today is "tea" which doesn't actually mean tea, it means that he's managed to climb the chairs to get onto the kitchen table and has poured my cup of tea over himself. Marvellous.
Good job the hot cups go on the sideboard. I find hot cups of tea on the table always lend to spillages. I don't know why. It's something in me. Cup of tea on the table, means cup of tea on the floor. Well it does now Lal is about anyway. Still no walking progress, although Grampy says that four steps were taken during a swings and slide visit today. Thank Goodness for grandparents. I needed the alone time to clear up the yogurt.

The biggest monster, now known as delinquent teen is, well, delinquent. It seems that she has inherited something from me, something not so good. Something so bad in fact it needed a phone call from the school to inform me. She has inherited my Art of Chat. Those of you who know me, know that I can babble about inconsequentials for hours. And she is now doing this during lessons. Dammit. For some reason, the teachers think she is a bright, able, polite and lovely child.. but the chat is letting her down. As is her inablity to keep a maths set, but I won't go into that again. So I have to stop the chatter. Her pc is banned for the duration, and reprogramming has begun. K is not amused, and mini lectures are currently ongoing. He's as far as future careers.. apparently she won't even be qualified to work at Tesco if she carries on the was she is going... he hasn't yet started on her friends. Once he plays the "friends are a hindrance to your education" card, I'll have to step in. Oh, she's as stubborn as he is.

And that's it for today. I think.. I get the feeling that there was something I was intending to say, but can't remember what it was. That's going to annoy me now. Nope.. I have brain death again. It's gone. back.. i think.. and its not even interesting. I have random pain in my left ankle. haven't hurt it, or twisted it, or sat on it funny. I just have it. Pfff.

K x x

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Lost.. never to be seen again

I may rant tonight. I am not in a good mood at all! Bah. And Humbug.

As I said yesterday, G got a week's worth of after school detentions for failing to produce a protractor. Never mind that she had two sets bought for her in September, both these are well and truly lost. Gone. Never to be seen again. How two complete sets can disappear is beyond me. Especially when we still have the cases. One case has coppers in, and the other is filled with hair grips. Because thats where they go. Ok then.

So, due to my deathly illness (not telling K that I feel better.. he's out until 9.30,and then I will get some tlc) I completely forgot to go and get another maths set from town. Grrr. G arrived home, ate, mooched, sulked, played with and bathed baby, and remembered at 8pm that she absolutely had to have one, or she'd be expelled. She may be prone to exaggeration, a little like me. So muggins me left them both at home and went to the Tesco down the road, literally 5 mins away. Pff... got there, got set, and some bits of food, some reduced trousers for Lal (Were £5, got them for 50p!) Ooh yes... bought myself a Mother's Day present, a nice new mug to make up for the ones I am currently working my way through breaking.. basically bought bits. And then had a row with the self service checkout. It kept telling me that there was an unexpected item on the belt.. and there was nothing there... nothing. Oh, except my purse, which I realised after swearing at the damn thing and trying not to sneeze (left tissues at home)

Anyway.. so that was the Maths set story. I refused to pay for this one, and made G give me some of her birthday money for it. Harsh? Yes.. but she has to learn. Children. TUT

Lal has discovered the joys of crayons, he's not entirely sure that wax tastes nice, but he's giving it a go. He has also discovered the low table that the crayons live(d) on, and when I went back into the conservatory, he was standing on the table, crayons in hand, flinging them across the room. Hooligans, I am raising hooligans.

Nice man came and fixed tumble dryer. Worst suspicions confirmed. Build up of dust inside cause electricity trip. Dammit. Now I have a new phobia. I've already cleaned it out twice today, and I haven't used it since it was fixed.

That's it.. I'm off to drink my tea and try and make myself look more ill. He'll be home in a minute.

K xx

Monday, 25 February 2008

It's not JUST a cold!

I have to be brief tonight because I'm dying. Actually dying.

To some people, it may seem like I just have a cold. But there is no "just" about it. My nose is bright red and very, very sore. My darling husband kindly purchased some tissues for me, but he got the Anti Viral ones, and the stuff in them makes poor old nose more sore than before. I can't breathe, let alone smoke which is truly annoying. yes, I know its good for me, but still.. tut.

I am woolly headed, and foggy headed, and the combination is killing me. And I have no Diet Coke. Apologies for the non sequitur, but I just looked at an empty can and it reminded me.

At least this is Day One. Day Two should be the test as to whether the Cold decides to descend to my lungs and force me to cough all night long. Fingers crossed for that not to happen..

G has a week of after school detentions. The school is rather strict.. she got them for failing to produce a protractor in her maths lesson. Gah. And she now can't find the protractor, even though I bought her two maths sets in September. Another annoyance. She does it deliberately, I swear she does.

Lal has discovered the true purpose of his Ride On car. And has spent most of the day riding round the house, shouting "Wheeeeeeeeee." Oh, and he can now spoon feed himself yogurt. Well, part spoon and part finger. It's progress.

I am now going to apply another layer of vaseline to the nose. Oh, I am an attractive sight.

K xx

And a friend just told me that Kleenex Balsam tissues are not pronounced Balsam, but Balm. How can that be? It's Bal - sam. Balm? TUT!

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Bunnies.. just plain wrong!

Sunday. I'm sitting here, its 8.14, and I have no idea what I did today. Nope. Inspiration has left me. The impossible has happened and I have nothing to talk about.

Oh, except this. As I said yesterday, G went to a birthday thingy. She took some money of her own, for incidentals, and came back with a new purse (to go with the 28 she already has) a necklace and a bracelet. I can't be the only mother who objects to Playboy things being marketed, with their cute little bunnies, at 12 year olds? (BTW, How pleased am I that I remembered to say 12??) It's obscene. I hate it. But I can't really take them off her as she bought them with her own money. I don't think its wrong to tell her that she looks like a blinged out Pimp however. Sadly, I then had to explain what a pimp was. Dammit. She just looks awful. They are cheap silveresque chunky things, they'll probably turn her neck green within a week. But apparently "everyone" wears them. I'm behind the times obviously.
Was it just my mother (and now me) who objected to the use of the word "everyone?" I used to beg to go to parties, telling her that everyone would be there. All I'd ever get was "Who is this ubiquitous everyone? I won't be there, your father won't be there, therefore EVERYONE won't be there will they?" That sort of logic is impossible to argue with. And I used it tonight against my child. I am my mother. I am not amused.
Oh.. G had comeback.. its not EVERYONE who wears them.. just "everyone who is anyone." Why didn't I think of that argument? I feel like ringing my mum and asking to go to a party...

I cleaned out the conservatory, where the dryer lives, in preparation for the fix it man coming on Tuesday. Just so he doesn't see how dusty it was behind it. Dust won't have broken it, will it? If it did, the washing machine and the freezer will be the next to die.

Umm, what else? I have further proof that exercise is bad for me. Walking to town has given me a cold. Actually, its not an entire cold yet, just one side of my nose, but I'm sure by tomorrow it will have spread. Maybe I really am allergic to fresh air? But no, I won't be googling allergies.. not yet anyway.

And finally.. tonight, K and G bathed Lal. I sat at the pc for 5 mins for some catching up. I turned around to see a naked baby entering the room, crawling to the plug socket and turning it on. He then crawled to the tv, turned that on, pressed play and sat on the beanbag to watch Teletubbies. And was so proud of himself, he clapped. With his feet. Hand clapping, anyone can do. Foot clapping.. it's the way of the future...

For someone who could think of anything to write, I really can ramble!

K x x

Symptoms and Deadly Diseases

If you read my journals, you know that I'm a worrier. If you are a member of my birth board, you know that I am a worrier. I have outclassed myself today.

I have been worrying for months about an area on the top of my finger on my left hand. Right next to the nail. On and off, it will go a really horrible yellowy brown colour. No injury, no pain, just the horrible colour. When the panic really sets in, I have been googling. Nothing ever comes up.
Well.. Delayed-Onset Ipsilateral Sensory Symptoms in Patients with Central Poststroke Pain but I don't think I have that. Or Peripheral Vascular Disease,
but you never know.

So today, I noticed the brown was back again. Mentioned it to K, who couldn't think of anything and refused to indulge my paranoid ramblings.
Until 15 minutes ago, when I made myself a cup of tea.

Apparently, when I take the tea bag out, I squeeze with bag with a spoon, hold it against the side of the cup, and then pick it out with my fingers.

My brown coloured finger symptom is nothing more than tea stains. But the very worst thing... K noticed it and told me. I will never be able to live this one down. It's like the time I believed him when he told me that they had taken the word gullible out of the dictionary.

I am ashamed. And off to scrub my tea stained finger. And I'm never allowed to google another symptom ever again.

K x

Disaster has struck the washing pile

've been bad. Very bad at keeping up to date. I apologise.. It was G's birthday though, and then Friday. Not that anything happened on Friday. It just was. It's an excuse. really.

Right, updates! G turned 12. She enjoyed the birthday meal. She especially liked hearing all the embarrassing mummy stories my brothers saw fit to tell. I'd forgotten about the time they put me in a suitcase and pushed me down the stairs. I suppose the head injury is responsible for the memory loss on that one. As my dad says, it explains a lot.
I was looking at her, when we were it the restaurant, and I can't believe how grown up she is. 12 years old. I think I was still playing with My Little Pony at that age. She wanted hair curlers. Still don't care what she says, the chastity belt is going on next year and coming off when she's 32. I have informed her that she is not allowed to procreate until she is double the age I was when she was born. So that's 36. K is extremely happy with that plan. I wonder why?

Friday? Umm.. what happened? The day itself was uneventful. Lal and I played, sang, danced, fought over the TV Controls, the usual stuff. For the first time in ages I decided to have a bath ( no I am not ending the sentence there... ) whilst Lal was awake. I didn't particularly want him in with me, so I took so toys upstairs, and let him play on the floor. I had just gone under the water to wet my hair, when I was smashed, directly on the forehead, with a huge tub of body scrub (Christmas present.. never used.. looks good on the side of the bath!) Looked up to see monstrous baby laughing. Glad someone found it amusing.

Still no walking progress. Although he now climbs up on our bed, stands up and jumps off. So far, thank God, only when someone is waiting to catch him... Why do men think its funny to teach them these things?

And then.. Friday night... disaster struck. In my house, Friday night, as soon as they are both home from work/school, the bulk of my washing gets done. Usually 5 loads. I have a strict washing machine.. to tumble dryer.. to fold.. away and ironing pile routine.. But the tumble dryer broke. Turned it on and all the electrics went. Dammit. Sadly, I'm not that intelligent and failed to realise for 40 mins that the lack of power was down to the dryer tripping everything, and not that we were in the midst of a power cut. When I finally admitted to K what I had been doing when the power went off.. he realised the problem. Put the electric back on and we were sorted. Except I had to try the dryer 6 more times. Just in case.. We still have flashing clocks..
Managed to get an engineer out, at great cost, for Tuesday. I want my dryer back. I hate having radiators drying clothes and not heating the house!

And finally, today. K went off to watch someone play something this morning, got back around 5. G went to a friends birthday party in Southend, a Magic Kingdom apparently. She left at 12 and got home at 9.15. Alright for some. That left Lal and I to entertain ourselves. The big change being.. well nothing actually.

I decided to try the walking to town again. Not so cold today, a nice walk there actually. Lal saw some "Ogs" that said "oofoof" so his speech is coming along nicely. We took the Ipod back to Curry's, should be back and fixed in two weeks. Bad Katie didn't tell them about the trip out of the window, I thought it though, so if the salesman was psychic, he knows.
Got some nice food from M&S for tea, and then started the walk home. The pushchair was so heavy I was counting each step.. 8000 more to go.. nearly there. All I was picturing in my mind was the huge hill we came down on the way to town... By the time we got up it, I was virtually horizontal and hanging onto the pushchair for dear life. I knew I should have caught the bus.

And tonight? Well.. as Lal went to sleep at 6, and G wasn't home, K and I had some quality time, which I rounded off with msn chats and watching some (il)legally downloaded American shows. Ghost Whisperer if you're interested. Another sign of lack of intelligence.. never occurred to me that a show about a woman who can see ghosts would be sad. Have spent the last hour in tears! Am going to watch one more.. glutton and punishment I think are the words.

Anyway.. Mass at 9 tomorrow, so wish me luck!


K x x

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Oh Misery

It's taking me longer than usual to snap out of this misery spell I seem to be under. Lacking in energy, teary, all in all quite rubbish. Pff.. wish it would hurry up and go away, I'm bored of it now.

Anyway.. back to today. Why is it that I can get up at 6.15, be tired, but actually be up, but if Lal wakes at 5.48 and wants to get up, the whole world stops? There is something entirely conditioned in me that needs the reassurance of the alarm clock. Even if I don't actually hear it. Maybe the 5 hour signifies night to me?
So, as you may have guessed, I was up early today. And it messed up the entire day. Lal passed out again at 8.40, whilst eating breakfast, still strapped into his highchair. Lovely toastified forehead..mmm. He was awake again at 11, his usual nap time, so we had much fun and laughter trying to keep him going til 7 tonight. "rolling eyes"

This time 12 years ago, I was just going into labour with G. I cannot believe that it was 12 years ago. She's nearly all grown up. Pah. Not sure I'm all that impressed tbh, can I have the baby one back and start again? No seriously, she a monster, but she's my monster. Time just goes far too quickly. Oh.. Ipod update.. it's still under warranty! Can get it fixed/replaced. I'm not stupid enough to have told them about the 1st storey drop, and they are hardly likely to guess.. so hopefully will have a working one again soon.

Tesco fun this afternoon. I bought a nice cake, candles, birthday banners, cards, wrapping paper.. still thinking that there is something I forgot, but ha. Never mind. Just have to wrap her presents tonight now. We are off out for a meal tomorrow night, grandparents and uncles included, so she should have a little birthday fuss anyway.
Whilst at Tesco, Lal decided to shout at everyone he passed, giggle at them and generally be cute and cuddly. The snarling is reserved for me at the moment. He also tried to steal cat food. Honestly, the obsession with cats is getting worse.
Ah yes.. had to take my eyes off him whilst packing the shopping, in correct cupboard order, on the conveyor belt. Big Mistake. I turned back to him to discover that he had undone the latch on the pluggy thing that keeps him in the trolley, and was attempting the conveyor belt climb. If my hair weren't dyed, I'd be entirely grey.

K x

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

I'll do it... don't test me

Ok.. time to be serious. I have discovered a regret. It's a bad one. I only discovered it today, but am now at a loss as to what to do.

On Sunday, at 7.45, when we were all getting up for Mass, G decided that she was too tired to get out of bed. I asked her nicely. She refused. I asked not so nicely, she refused. I dripped water on her, and she still refused and at that the cock crowed. (Sorry for the religious reference! lol) She absolutely would not get out of bed. She absolutely wasn't going to church. Not for any reason other than that she was tired. I was tired, but I got up... lol. So, I'm ashamed to say that I threatened. K wasn't there to hear me, so I used all my motherly wiles that I'm not allowed to find when he is about.. and grabbed the Ipod. I opened the window... "G, if you don't get out of bed right now.. the Ipod is going out the window... 3....2....1..." She didn't get up. I dropped it. No excuses. I was angry.. annoyed..tired..getting later and later for Church. So I threw the damn thing out. GRRR.

My regret is, that since then, she has been an angel.. I rescued the Ipod when we got back from Church.. but I think its broken... it won't turn on anyway. I've just put it on the radiator, in case it got cold when it was outside and needs a little warming up. Has anyone heard of an Ipod surviving a fall from a 1st storey window? No? Dammit. Very bad mummy moment. And one that's going to cost me a fortune. Why don't I think things through? I'm just grateful I couldn't unplug her pc..

So that was Sunday.. today.. I have been miserable moo. No idea why. I just like being miserable I think. I stayed in my pj's all day long. Lal and I had fun playing musical instruments.. we sang to cd's. Ok I sang to cd's.. he kept trying to eat the cd player. We had much cat flap fun.. He's grown a little and gets ever so slightly stuck now when he tries to get out. Either that or he just had a fat nappy on.. Oh yes.. I put a load of washing on (bear with me.. it gets slightly more interesting..) but couldn't as the machine had been filled with stacky cups, spoons, saucepans and oranges. An eclectic mix.

Umm.. anything else? Lal learnt now to say "ton erf?" which roughly translates to "What on earth?" I didn't realise I said it so much, but watching him entering a room, looking about and saying it, with a perplexed look on his face, makes me think I use it 17000 times a day.

And finally.. remember me saying he could walk? Well he lied to me. He has walked a grand total of about 20 steps since he started, and unless its at the tv, now even refuses to stand. He's turning lazy like his father.. NOT me.. it was only a pj day today... ok, maybe a little like me..

K x

(Today's pic.. Lal's new chair.. *sigh*)

Monday, 18 February 2008

A visit from the Ruin Your Day monster

Gah! You know when you have those days? The days where nothing goes right and you just sit there getting more and more wound up until you explode?

It started well. I actually woke up at 6.15, with the aid of no less than three alarm clocks. The actual alarm, my mobile and K's mobile. He didn't have to be at work til 11, hence him not getting up at 5 and waking me on the way out of the door. I have no idea why I can ignore alarm clocks so well, but they never wake me. I'm not even aware of getting out of bed and turning them off. Even though I keep one on top of the wardrobe..

Anyway, was up and got G sorted and off to school. Then Lal woke. Him waking sadly woke the I'm going to destroy your day monster too. Dammit.

We had run out of milk, so threw some clothes on over my pj's and drove to the shop. Got milk. Reversed out of car park into another car. In my defense, it was a minibus type thing and almost invisible, but entirely my fault. His car wasn't damaged at all, but mine has a lump out of the side, above the rear wheel. K is not happy and is using it to solidify his opinion of my rubbish driving.

Got home, got Lal fed and dressed, tidied up a little whilst K entertained the baby, and sat down to catch up on bc. Except I missed the chair and landed on the floor. Not just on the floor, I landed on a plastic giraffe's head. Every house needs a plastic giraffe. Saying that we don't have the body.. just the head.

K went to work, after laughing at my pain, and left me with Lal. Or the child who looks like Lal but is actually a whining brat monster. Nothing but whinge all day long. Oh and create complete chaos. I do watch him, I promise, but he escapes so quickly. He took everything out of his drawers... he emptied the food cupboard.. he drank neat cream from the fridge.. he tried to eat teh cat food.. he fell off the sofa.. he broke 6 cd cases (why are they so flimsy?) He found an unattended lightbulb and smashed it... he moaned because I turned the tv off.. he hit me with a book, several times that one.... the list goes on!

He finally went to sleep at 10.30.. oh yes.. all this happened before 10.30. And I sat down at computer again and answered a few bc threads. You have to love ff v bf debates. People get so heated! And then he woke again. But I didn't realise he had woken until I heard the cry. We have vertical blinds in our sitting room. He was halfway up them, with one foot on the top of the sofa. I'm not a good mother.. I spent 10 seconds wondering whether to get the camera to take a pic before I went to rescue him.

I then broke the kettle. No idea how, but it now doesn't stop boiling and water flies out of the top and burns you. Can water fly?

So that's it. There are many more tales in my day of woe, but my fingers ache, my tea is going cold and I'm convinced that if I spend much longer at the pc I'll destroy it. Will do a proper update tomorrow!

K x x

Sunday, 17 February 2008

In laws.. the visit

did drunken msn chat last night. I'm ashamed of myself. It was just wrong. I lost all ability to type, I have no idea what I said, or why it was necessary to stay up till 2am. I *think* I had fun though. Not sure my msn buddies did!

Went to Mass this morning.. Lal was an angel. Seriously. There weren't that many people there, only around 150, so he had lots of room to quietly roam. And apart from a tendancy to dance to the choir and shout what sounded suspiciously like "All done!" everytime they finished singing, was almost unnoticeable. I was proud. And hungover.. maybe he picked up on that and felt sympathy.

K was off on a stag night last night, and most of today. I was angelic in deciding that I would go to the in laws with the children.. by myself. I'm keeping track of the points I'm earning... will definitely go straight to heaven at this rate.

So In laws.. we got there. They cooed over both the children, and then did the thing. The thing where they think its cute watching Lal eat biscuits. Mini Cheddars. Chocolate Mousse. Crisps. Actually, all the stuff I deprive him of at home. The child crawled so fast, with his head down, he kept smacking into walls. Sugar rush. I've never seen the like before. I am also abusing and damaging the child but not trimming his curls. Granted, he'd had a hat on, so they were more sticky out than usual, and he did look a little Krusty the Clown like, but still. It's hardly child abuse.

So I bit my tongue. A lot. Tasted blood at one point. Got a mini revenge by allowing Lal to empty all their cupboards out. Except they found it cute. Dammit. Never going there on my own again.

Came home, did the night time routine.. that doesn't change at all.. every night doing the exact same thing. Except tonight had Lal the Sugar Freak, he finally succumbed to tiredness at 7.50, and touch wood is still asleep now. I then watched Over The Hedge with G... very funny. Really very funny. I love children's films. All of them. Except the evil Snickety man.

Ooh.. must go and feed the hedgehogs..

K x x

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Otherwise known as the North Pole

Another night where Lal slept through! We were woken by him at 7.30, having escaped the cot, attempting to scale his doorgate. Honestly.. he won't walk, but he'll happily climb over everything.

Had most of the freecycle stuff from yesterday collected first thing.. I was still in dressing gown, but it was absolutely freezing, and only 11am.. who gets dressed before that?

I then decided, in my wisdom, that as the sun was shining so brightly, we would walk the 30 minutes to town, do some shopping, and walk home. Fresh air and exercise. I could always stop for a cigarette half way through. lol. So off we went, K in a thick jacket, G in a jumper and thin coat, Lal in a snowsuit, and me in a denim jacket and long T shirt. The sun was out, very bright day, I knew that after walking for 5 minutes I'd be boiling, so just a jacket would do. Would it heck. Within 6 minutes the easterly wind have permeated my meagre coverings and I was a shivering wreck, eyes streaming, nose running (attractive no?) I daren't stop walking for a second for fear my blood would freeze and I'd be stuck there forever. My mum rang too.. so I couldn't even hold my hand inside the T shirt.. one purple frozen hand. Of course, mum complained that the biting wind was blowing into the phone and so she couldn't hear me... sorry about that!

We finally got to town, my darling husband, not being chivalrous enough to give me his coat, despite giving 3 minute temperature updates.. 1 degree at one stage, was lovely and warm so was left with the children whilst I ran into a shop to defrost. And accidentally bought them both some books whilst in there.

Went to Boots, armed with a prescription for Hydrocortisone, my excema is up at the moment, to discover that the prescription was actually written on 21.02.07.. so only 6 months out of date. Wonderful. Whilst in Boots, I did manage to buy some cute shoes and a new set of sleepsuits for Lal.

Went into H&M, intending to buy me some new trousers, I have finally put on a little weight, and things are a little tight, and got G some tops and a new dress. Lal got a lovely outfit for Mass tomorrow.

And then to Debenhams, where we thought we'd treat ourselves to an afternoon snack. One coffee, two hot chocolates, one scone with cream, one choc chip muffin, one slice of apple pie and one brown roll (poor Lal gets the best stuff).. oh and G scammed K into getting her an evil Fruit Shoot.. How much?? £20.75! The Queen was obviously expected, either that or Nuclear War had happened outside and Debenhams were profiteering. £20 for that! MacDonalds next time I think.

We honestly tried to walk home, we got as far as the taxi rank. I didn't get any new clothes. I forgot to get G's birthday cards.. forgot to stop at Tesco and get stuff for tea.. didn't get my prescription. I did get frostbite though.

K x x

Friday, 15 February 2008

The nappy saga

I am now convinced that someone stole my sweet, fun and lovable Lal and replaced him with a whining brat monster. The last two days, he has been awful! Maybe the half term curse has gotten to him, but urgh.. I can't cope with it anymore! They'd better swap him back by Monday. Or he's going to live in the shed with his sister and father.

We cleaned out G's cupboards today. I put 9 different categories of stuff on freecycle, and most have gone. Old pink rucksacks, 76001 pencil cases, clothes, large and scary Halloween spiders, that sort of thing! We also found a rather large, pink and fluffy doll. The doll is Lal's new best friend and is dragged everywhere. He's even gone to sleep with it. K is not amused, especially as Lal has already formed a loving attachment to Jake (ake) and Emily (mmly) G's old baby dolls. :)

I put Lal back in his proper nappies today. This is not to run down anyone who uses dispicables, disposables (lol) but I hate them! Evil papery things. But I'd forgotten, even after two days, how difficult it is to get him into a cloth nappy.

It goes something like this:

Step One: Sniff bottom. Ewww. Delightful pong. Take baby upstairs.
Step Two: Put baby down. (We use a bed, as new spine surgery is rather expensive, and is often needed if you bend over on the floor 6 times a day)
Step three: Get clean nappy out of cupboard, remembering to get insert.
Step Four: Stop baby eating cat and move baby back to nappy changing position.
Step Five: Remove trousers and undo vest. Baby is now realising what is happening and head is now hanging off side of bed, and body is in a position that contortionists would be jealous of.
Step Six: In desperation, put trousers over baby's head and play an impromptu game of peeka boo, whilst undoing dirty nappy.
Step Seven: Attempt to clean bottom and remove nappy before baby gets trousers off head and sticks his hands in poo.
Step Eight: Clean poo off baby hands, bedding, clothes and clean nappy. Forget yourself, you're not important.
Step Nine: Give baby illegal toy.. best so far are Tv Controls Mobile Phone, Hair brush and Talcum Powder.
Step Ten: Take talcum powder off baby and do the top up properly. Wipe excess dust from streaming eyes and lift your jumper up over your mouth and breathe through. Talc will settle eventually.
Step Eleven: Rescue baby from climbing off bed and place him down on clean nappy.
Step Twelve: Move dirty nappy a safe distance, clean baby again and remember to put nappy where baby can't reach next time.
Step Thirteen: Time for a pause.. sing or something and distract baby by clapping his hands, or in our case feet.
Step fourteen: Hand back illegal toys and attempt to do up clean nappy.
Step Fifteen: One side done up is not good enough, place baby back down, undo done up side and start again.
Repeat steps 11-15
Step Sixteen: Once nappy is done up, leave vest undone and trousers off. There may be time later when baby is distracted by television to put them back on.
Step Seventeen: Leave frankly filthy and disgusting bedroom alone. There are several more nappy changes due throughout the day and there is just no point cleaning.

It's been like this all day. I'm exhausted! On the plus side.. back to school in 2 days. Oh yes.

K x x

(Ps: Lal escaped through the cat flap again. It's disconcerting when you're washing up to look outside and see your son sitting in the middle of the lawn.)

Thursday, 14 February 2008

The pain of the super heated jeans.

Ouch.. it hurts. Really hurts.

Lal is currently having a major tantrum as fil came round and decided to take G into town to buy her birthday present (12 next week). Lal is screaming as he wasn't invited, and Grandpa came round and went with only a 10 minute cuddle. I am ignoring the tantrum, and hoping that he will stop soon. Not likely.. he may be hitting the terrible two's at 13 months. Smashing.

Anyway.. I have af. I hate having af. It decided to arrive a week early this morning, and the first day is always the worst. Why is that? So, I decided to make myself a hot water bottle and suffer in (non) silence through the cramping agony. When fil arrived, I threw said bottle onto the sofa, becuase you can't answer the door with a pink flowery bottle hanging out of your jeans. It's not the done thing. I failed to realise that the bottle had super heated the metal button on my jeans, and now have a perfectly round burn on my tummy.

So now I have cramps, a headache (from the tantrum screaming) and a first degree burn. It's only 1.51.. how much worse will the day get?

Oh yes. Happy Valentines Day. I have yet to receive anything.. but then I didn't realise it was actually today, so apart from a free card on photobox, I haven't got anything either. Ah well.

K x

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Fix the sky!

Tuesday, today is Tuesday, I'm sure it is, but when I don't have the structure of getting up for school, I lose days completely. Is it sad that I know it's Tuesday because CSI is on? Of course tonight's episode probably won't be recording because Sky seems to have a fault. After 45 minutes on the phone, turning the box off at the wall, yes I did count to 30 before I turned it on,* taking the card in and out, being put on hold, they finally informed me that it was a local issue and engineers are laughing, sorry working on the problem. If I miss the Gorgeous Gil, well.. I may write a strongly worded letter. Ok, I won't actually write one, but I will in my mind. Always sounds better in there than on paper.
Ooh.. I ranted there, sorry!

Walking with Lal started off well... but then we kept making him do it, so now every time his feet touch the floor he arches himself backwards in protest. Ah... may give it a rest tomorrow and allow him to crawl again.

Oh yes.. urgh.. shudder and yuck... Lal dropped a dummy behind the row of drawers in our bedroom.. the dust.. the dust actually had dust and had made swirly patterns. URGH! Children were despatched to the park with K and I moved all the furniture and cleaned.. URGH. Three hours it took.. but I may be able to sleep in our room tonight.

And lastly for tonight, and I am blaming Mallan entirely for making me read her blog on nappy rashes.. Lal's has been getting progressively worse today, he now has a big red sore patch. No creams were working, nothing, so I had to do it. He is now in his first disposable nappy in a year. And he has no bum. The vests that were too tight this morning are now miles too big.. clothes actually fit him..but he feels so strange to hold. I am used to big, squishy fat bum baby. I now have a skinny nothingness. Not good. As soon as its cleared up he's back in his proper ones. I want a big bummed baby!

That leads me quickly to another point.. hopefully not just me... does anyone else not read threads on bc entitled "Chicken Pox..." "Terrible sickness..." "Baby who won't sleep.." " Baby who won't eat..." "Terrible tantrums?" I used to read them, but within two or three days, Lal would be suffering from whatever ailment was contained within the thread... It''s safer not to look!

K x x

*Ok, I really counted to 28, but those last two seconds won't have hurt...

Monday, 11 February 2008

Maybe holidays aren't so bad..

The first day, and all went rather well! G was actually extremely well behaved, she probably wants something later in the week and is storing up goodness, but I don't mind. I can always say no. I'm good at that.

Had a mini mental moment, as I went into the kitchen to remove the washing from the machine, opened it and there was nothing in there. So I shut the door, and then opened it again to check that I had really just seen an empty drum. Nothing. Maybe I hadn't put the washing on? Just thought I had. Meh.

And then I saw a sock. A single, solitary sock. On the floor, in front of the cat flap. Lal strikes again. All my lovely clean washing had been posted outside. Wonderful. Good job K had swept out there, but still.. winter does not mean that outside floor is nice and clean. Grrr! Put washing on again and made sure I was around when it finished this time.

And then tonight. Oh happy tonight!
Justa bout to have our tea, and I went into the playroom, where G and Lal were playing. She stood Lal in front of me, and backed away.. and he took 6, yes 6, steps towards her. On his own! And then after his bath, he repeated it 6 times, backwards and forwards between me and her! K is now taking tomorrow off work, so he can see. LOL

So, let the record reflect that on this, the 11th day of February in the year of Our Lord, 2008, Alexander James S, became an official "nearly" walker. Oh yes he did.

The one problem I can foresee, G and I made such a fuss of him when he did do it, hugs, shouts etc, we made him cry, so he may never attempt it again.

Ah well.

K x x

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Our eyes met across a crowded room....

He knocked me over. The first time we met, literally. With a football. I cried for a long time and told my mum. He then bought me an ice cream and I decided to marry him. I was 7. He was my brother's friend and he was gorgeous. Although I wasn't aware of his gorgeousness at the time, but I did like the ice cream. It even had a flake.

Of course I was far too young to get married at 7, and he was older, it just wasn't the done thing. So he ignored me until I turned 14. Which was still stupidly young, but I couldn't hold out any more, and kissed him. As I recall, he absolutely freaked and told me that my brothers would kill him. I didn't see him for three weeks, and when he finally came round he had J's (my brother) permission and we started "going out."

16 years after the first kiss, we're still going strong.

Oh.. how soppy is this? I need to find something to moan about..

Can't.. soppiness has taken over, I am no longer a sarcastic person, I am now entirely sickly sweet.

K x x

Friday, 8 February 2008

It's here..

I couldn't get to sleep last night, even though I was absolutely exhausted. I can just remember feeling a strange sensation.. foreboding. When I finally did drop off, I slept well, but I woke with the same feeling.

It was a lovely sunny day here, no clouds in the sky, nice and warm, and yet I still felt cold. I kept shivering and getting goosebumps.

Lal and I did some gardening, I'm pleased to report that G's old wooden push along trolley is helping Lal to walk, either that or the patio just didn't feel nice to crawl on... But he had a lovely time, and the fresh air did tire him out. Oh yes, I even found G's old Teletubby tent, inside which was my mobile that I lost last year... excellent.

I enjoyed the gardening, sorted a few bits out, cleared some weeds so the bulbs could actually grow... but whilst I was out there, I didn't notice any birds singing, or any noise at all except the passing of cars. It was as if the birds had been frightened into their nests, as if something was coming, an ominous event that terrified them. Even Poppy (the cat) has been skittish and strange all day. And the fish has been lying in the same corner of the tank, unmoving. ( I did hit it with its net just in case it had died, nope.. still with us..)

It was just an odd, odd day. And the feeling never left me, it was like I had tummy butterflies all the time, but with no real reason for it.

And then, at 4.16pm, I realised why.

It's half term. No school until a week on Tuesday. That's too many days for me even to count. The foreboding has now gone, and I am left with sheer dread.

K x x

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Weetabix.. why?

Lal had Weetabix for breakfast today. Yummy. He ate the lot, including some pureed pear. Oh how happy I was. I then decided to do some cleaning, as the house is a tip, and half term starts next week and I can't even think about allowing more mess to be created on top of old mess.
When I clean, I start upstairs. And everything gets shoved into the kitchen and that is the last room to be done. I finally finished everywhere else at 1pm. And Lal woke for lunch. So he ate lunch whilst I got myself ready for Gymbabes... can't go without full make up and unstinky top!

I then got him ready and left the kitchen for when we got back. Had a fab time a Gymbabes... he is still tunnel scared, but loved all the other equipment. Got very excited when they said we were singing " head shoulders knees and toes, knees and toes.. " but they got the tune and the words wrong so he had a paddy and did HIS way of doing it anyway.

Right. so back home. Kitchen to be done. Got it all finished, except one bowl. The bowl that had contained weetabix, but now contained dried on cement. It soaked for 40 minutes in hot soapy water and the weetacement still would not come off. Scouring pad. Still on there.. I eventually had to scrape if off with my nails and a knife.
My own fault for not soaking or rinsing straight away... but why? Why is it necessary for weetabix to dry like this? That got me thinking of alternate uses..

  • Weetacement to build houses. Strong durable... problems only occur in heavy rain..
  • Weetamdf... used to create stunning tables. Can be shaped to own liking. Just add water, leave to dry, job done.
  • Weetabrick... For all football hooligans. Add milk. Leave to dry for three days, throw at rival fans.
  • Weetacovering for rockets.... can't see the ozone burning it up somehow. Much cheaper for NASA
  • Weetashield.. for the discerning policeman... handy for holding back angry mobs..
Honestly.. there is nothing weetabix can't do. Except come off breakfast bowls without the use of a knife and much swearing...

Oh yes.. on that note... Lal is not losing the B*gger..
Me: "Say Georgie.."
Lal:"Oh B*gger"

Of course he is a little right, on occasion...especially tonight.. but its not appropriate! Just not.

Any other weetabix uses.. let me know!

K x x

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The monstrous monster at Mass

G went to school today, so all was right in my world. Well almost. For some reason she decided to wake at 5am. Its quite frightening to open your eyes to a fully dressed preteen holding a baby in the gloomy morning light. Especially as said children had put baby tv on our television. I woke to the dreaded Bouncing Ball... it does have a lot of fun that ball.

We had a slow morning, put Lal down for his nap at 10.30, and I showered instead of slept. I am really missing the nap.. I may have to leave the "I stay up stupidly late for no reason" group I started on here. I am failing in my duties there.

And then we went to Mass. Just to explain, if you're not Catholic.. to us Pancake Day is Shrove Tuesday (never to be referred to as PD .. ever... ) and today is Ash Wednesday. We all have to go to Church and have a cross drawn on our heads, in Ash, by the Priest. And I had to take Lal.. by my ownself. It wasn't fun.

Firstly, we got there late, so the only seats left were right at the very front of the Church. In full view of everyone, especially the Priest (Lal's Godfather) Behind us were sat two lovely, old Irish ladies. Lal started off quite subdued, he may well have been terrorised by my attempts to park the car, which was eventually left abandoned and blocking the entire church car park. He then noticed the two old ladies, grinning and waving at him from behind us. They became fun. He needed to eat, sorry, play with them. One minute he was sitting on the pew, the next he had vaulted over the pew and was eating their gloves. Nice black leather ones. Wonderful.

Retrieved monster baby, sat him down at my feet. His next mission was to remove everything from the baby bag, and show them to the ladies, using his best "outdoor" voice. Sadly everything was either a "BOOK?" or a "DUCK?" or a "MORE?" There was a lot in that bag, it took a long time to get it all out.

We then we up for the Ash. Lal was far too excited as he realised that his favourite man, except Daddy, in the whole entire world was there... Fr B! "Daddddaaaaaa" And attempted to launch himself out of my arms to go to him. For goodness sake. Not on the Altar child, show some decorum. We sat back down. But Lal was now aware that Fr B was there and kept trying to escape up the aisle to get to him. On three occasions I had to remove him from the Altar steps. The old men, who serve at Mass, were in bits. Desperately trying not to laugh. I was not amused.

And then came the sounds.. and the dancing, there was no music at this Mass, so he made up his own dance moves. At one point I had my hand over his mouth to shut him up. He thought I was playing the Indian game, so shouted louder. We then went up again, for Holy Communion this time, once more into the Fr B appreciation society. "DAdddddddddaaaaaaaaa.. hiya? Up? Mamaa?" Please child, stop it, he's not your Dada, he's Fr B, and he'll tell Jesus that you are being loud and annoying... I bet Mary never had this trouble..

Sat back down with lovely old ladies, who by this stage were handing Lal money, 3 x £2 coins... of course, these coins were used to bang out a tune on the back of the pew, and then put into mouth.
Old lady #1: "I told you Birdie.. he'll eat that coin and you'll kill him, choke he will. Take it off him."
Old lady #2 " Don't be so daft, she's a clever wee girl.. there's no chance she'll eat it."

Btw, Lal was wearing a checked shirt, smart trousers and a vest top thingy, all navy blue.. its the girly curly hair, obviously.

Mass finally came to an end, and on our way out the door, after spending 15 minutes picking up all his strewn belongings, and slipping £2 coins back to the old ladies, Fr B said to us... "There was no chance of missing Alexander James' presence today, was there?" Oh, the shame..

K xx

Ps: In case you were wondering, Lal was retraumatised on the way out of the car park, by my efforts to reverse. The car was not amused either and came off slightly worse in an argument with a wall. The wall won, the car has a long scratch down the side. Why can't I reverse? WHY? Haven't told K yet, he won't be happy either.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Fool me once

G was home sick today. Woke feeling very, very ill. I even heard the sound of retching coming from the bathroom and presumed that she was actually ill. I did check the homework diary last night, and there was nothing left unfinished so I decided to believe her. My mistake.

She spent the morning snoozing in our bed, whilst I tiptoed round the house telling Lal that "Georgie" wasn't feeling well and we had to be really very quiet. His idea of quiet and mine vary wildly as the rhymic banging of a £2 coin on the wooden bathroom floor will attest.. but we tried. We even cancelled going to Gymboree as she was far too ill to be left. Poor child.

Of course it was all an elaborate fake and by 11am, Lal's nap time, and my peace and quiet time, she was down stairs complaining of boredom. And I couldn't even take her to school as I, like the dutiful mother I am, rang them at 8.15 and told them she had a stomach bug. Grr at the 24 hour school ban in cases of anything stomach related.

So I put her to work. But she then developed a migraine of such astounding pain that she was only able to feebly lie on the sofa, moaning, needing cold compresses. The blinds were drawn so she could lie in a darkened room, glasses of ice cold water asked for and given, and the door shut so Lal didn't climb all over her. She was very ill in that 6 minutes until I heard the sound of those awful American children's programmes. that awful, awful one... with the psychic girl.. name forgotten, but I hate that show.
Tv off.. lights on, blinds open and Lal placed none too gently on the "feeble" childs stomach. I went to the shop for 5 mins rest.

Upon my return Lal had had his hair done, 5 minutes I was gone, maybe 6.. and he had a full head of gel. He looked like he had a curly mohican. Ridiculous, and not the slightest bit cute, no matter what the "up to the minute in fashion" child said. Poor boy. The last time I left her with him she dressed him in one of her old dresses.... he did make a cute girl though!

Poor G did make a complete recovery by 4pm, when her friends were home and she could talk to them on MSN.. She will be forcibly dragged out of bed tomorrow and sent to school. Without doubt.

Lal, on the other hand, has been an angel today. No really. I'm not being sarcastic. He discovered the joys of Uno, and spent ages pressing the button waiting for cards to fly out and hit him in the face.

Lent starts tomorrow.. that's another Mass I have to take him too.. this time on my own, oh that will be fun! He has made his Lenten promise.. he's not giving up anything.. he's going to start walking..he is.. he is!

K x x

Sunday, 3 February 2008

10 vitally important things about me

Ok.. I have been thinking about this one for over a week, and I am almost sure I have at least some things. Not sure whether they are vitally important.. I suppose the only really vital things are that I need air, water and food, but they aren't limited to me. Heat would be nice too.

1) I have 3.5 sugars in tea. 4 if its a big cup. I can immediately tell if K has cheated and only added 3. Related to this one.. I cannot make tea for anyone else.. apparently I make them boiled water with milk... this skill has been honed over the years so I now never have to make the tea!

2) I don't really like chocolate. I will have the occasional bar, but only if it can be immediately followed with plain crisps. There is something about the chocolatey taste in my teeth. urgh *shudder*

3) I am a neat freak. It takes over my life. I cannot leave the house if there is stuff all over. Seriously, the piles would grow whilst I'm out and I cannot enjoy myself. Everything has to be put away before bed, everything. I hoover upstairs and down every morning, bleach the sink last thing at night, clean toilets 3 or 4 times a day. Its an obsession. I have a rule that the children can make as much messy mess as they like, but it HAS to go away, in correctly labelled boxes, at night. Obviously I am responsible for Lal's mess at the moment, but he has learnt to stuff things in the clock, which is almost away.

4) I love having babies. I wish I hadn't waited so long in between the two. I know life made me, but still. If I ever get over the sheer terror and panic attacks at the idea of getting pregnant again, I would love to have three or four more.

5) I talk all day long. Constantly. Drives K crazy. I explain to Lal what we are doing, where we are going, have random conversations with people in shops, usually not to them, just in their direction. I have held long and in depth conversations with myself about the state of the lettuces in Tesco, fortunately people now assume I'm talking to Lal, but I'm not really. I make up songs about everything, which would be marvellous if I could sing. But I just can't!

6) I may sound like a Mills and Boon heroine.. but I adore my husband! I can't imagine my life if he had not been my brother's friend, and then mine! He has been away for most of our marriage, I have followed him aorund the country, I have worried for him, dreaded phone calls and knocks on the door. BBC news24 was always on in my house when he was in Iraq, but I wouldn't change a thing. He was my first proper boyfriend, there was a boy in Primary who made me a bracelet out of coloured paper clips, but we don't speak of him.. He puts up with many eccentricities without (much) complaining.. and is a good father.. can't praise him too much, he needs something to aspire to. If he could learn the knife drawer rules, he'd be practically perfect!

7) I worry. A lot. About everything. The children. Lal now sleeps through being poked to check he is still breathing. As does G.. yes she is nearly 12 but still gets poked. I panic until she gets home from school. I am far too overprotective, some would say suffocating, but she is still my baby girl and I can't let her go off, well anywhere! Even to town with her friends. I'm a worry wort. Lal has been going through a period of not eating food with lumps in. He'll eat finger food fine, but things of a jar consistency make him gag. Somewhere in the back of my mind I am convinced that he has a lump that is preventing him from swallowing correctly. I have so far contained my need to get him to the docs for MRI's and CT scans.. somehow!

(This is far more difficult than I thought)

8) Oh yes.. the bad one. I am a recovering smoker currently going through an active phase.
One day I will stop again. One day soon. I tried announcing that I was giving up again on my bb, but I then failed to answer any questions as to how I was going. They got the message eventually. I think I need to be pg again.. sure fire way to quit cold turkey.

9) I cannot eat food that touches. This makes life difficult when you are eating stew, pasta, soup etc. I have to seperate it. I very rarely get hot meals. The only exception to this is that I will eat cheese and cucumber together in a sandwich. That is the only exception

10) Umm.. 10.... umm I am not allowed to keep pet hamsters after accidentally killing one when I was 6. It was a hibernation accident and involved wrapping in towels and placing under linen in airing cupboard. My mum said I was never allowed another, I tend to agree.

K x x

Saturday, 2 February 2008

A distinct lack of snow

BBC weather lied to me, flat out lied. They promised me snow storms. They promised that Essex would be covered in snow. We didn't get one single flake. Not one. Nada. Nothing. Instead we got sun, lots and lots of sun. All very well in summer.. but in winter? In what was supposed to be a snow storm? NO! I feel cheated, and betrayed. It's the Michael Fish "little bit of wind" debacle all over again. Please, no one tell me that you were unable to leave your house this morning, or that you woke to snow having come down the chimney into your sitting room. I'll cry.

I love snow! As you may well have guessed. I love the pure whitenessof it, the crunchiness under foot.. the footprints leading to the obligatory snowman.. I just do. In expectation of the snow storm, I washed Lal's snowsuit last night, I found G's gloves, I even braved the spider paradise that is our garage to find the sledge. All in vain. So the weekend started badly!

We had our trip to the park anyway, all bundled up (for the sun) and spent an hour freezing outside. It was fun! We saw squirrels, large boys playing football, dogs running freely in the fields and then pooing. All a delight. I did discover that my Lal is a genius. Honestly. Whilst wandering through the "wicked" woods.. (G loved Wizard Zoz when little, so all wooded areas became wicked..) .. Lal pointed at every tree and said "Book" Impressive no? 13 months and he already knows that books come from trees. I am so proud.

We did the swing thing, the placing of baby next to object for photo.. the taking of photos of older child so she doesn't feel left out.. fed ducks.. played Pooh Sticks.. tried not to drop an entirely confused by Pooh Sticks baby into the river. Moaned about being cold (me) sent texts (G) waxed lyrical about the bracing winter air (K) and smellily pooed (Lal)

All in all.. a fun day!

Came home and tried to open a coconut... coconut isn't nice when you haven't won it at a fair, and is now in the bin. Got the lecture from K about how the milk inside a coconut is sterile and can be used as a drip in emergency situations. I'll remember that one. I'm sure it'll come in handy. Sometime.

I am now going to attempt the ultra fun task of ironing. Oh joy.

But first.. some pics of our day at the park...

This isn't fun... can we go yet?

Pooh Sticks.. mine is the one in front!

G.. blending into the background in hot pink

Do I climb up?

"Book?" Lal the treehugger

K x x

Friday, 1 February 2008

Annoyances and Injuries

I like to think of myself as a fairly mellow person. Other people do not describe me as mellow, apparently I can be extremely impatient, sarcastic (that one is a real surprise) and downright nasty if things aren't done my way. My way being the best way,and therefore the only way things should be done. Obviously.

I made myself a cup of tea,and some cereal for breakfast today. I went to the knife drawer, no idea why its known as a knife drawer when it hold all the cutlery, but still... went to the knife drawer and got out a spoon. Except it wasn't a spoon, it was a fork. Tried for another spoon, this time it was a knife... Why? Because my dear husband fails to learn that it goes knife.. fork.. spoon (for cereal) spoon (for tea) and misc. I think he fails to learn this deliberately as he has never once gotten it right. I should maybe be grateful that he had put the washing up away.. I am.. but please, learn the method.


I have somehow managed to hurt myself three times today. The first time was a Lal related injury. Some would say deliberately inflicted. I was merrily typing away on bc, when I saw the mouse disappearing behind the pc table. Lal was under it again, pulling at wires. I decided to play peek a boo, so bent down on all fours and said boo. Lal was excited by that, and decided to show his pleasure by slamming the keyboard tray (thing on rollers keyboard sits on) into my forehead. Hard. I saw stars, and Lal collapsing with laughter. Nice.

The second time was entirely my fault. I was getting the broom from the cupboard under the stairs to sweep up the remains of Lal's lunch. To do this.. I stand on one leg, hold onto the side of the door and lean into the cupboard. I would walk in normally, but then I'd have to spend 3 seconds moving the highchair, and that would be precious time wasted.. besides my way is more fun! Except today, I slipped on a piece of carrot that Lal deliberately left where my foot goes and I fell sideways first into nappy bucket. Excellent.

The third time was again my fault. We have a large banister thing in our hall, and I like to swing on it and jump to the second step.. so grab hold.. swing round.. second step. This also means I have the momentum to run quickly up the stairs. I can't run unless I swing. Today I decided to let go mid swing, about 65 degrees too soon, and flew though the air into the (luckily) shut sitting room door. That one bruised my other shoulder.

And that's it for today! I'm off to pick up the biggest monster from her school disco.. I lost the toss.. knew I should have done scissors instead of rock...

K x x

Ah yes.. the biggest annoyance of the day... WHY is this necessary?

(Is it wrong that I deliberately took a picture of that to show you? LOL)