Monday, 13 October 2008

I've had 4 bfp's (big fat positive on a pregnancy test) and have two children. With my dear, darling G, I never got a bfp at all. I never did a pregnancy test. I resolutely buried my head in the sand and refused to consider the idea that I could possibly be pregnant. Sadly, after 4 months and a rapidly burgeoning stomach, I could ignore it no more. 5 months is an ideal length for a pregnancy though.. You can even arrange a proper wedding in time.. Innocent Bad Catholic!

I've had three Yippee's that have turned into miscarriages and an ectopic, but that is over 10 years, so isn't too bad.

The happiest tale is Lal's one. Who said I favour one child over the other?

You have to forgive me, I didn't know any better then, but during an "early pregnancy symptom" search on google, I came across another Parenting forum - I know, traitorous in the extreme.. I just looked and this was my first (and last) post there:

I know some of you have experience in this so.....
I did a test this morning (first responce) and got a faint line - faint but noticeable..... am I pregnant?
Not due period until Wednesday, but am having all sort of symptoms... huge,sore breasts, nausea. I'm having slight niggling cramps as well though so I really don't know what to think! And there are no chemists open until tomorrow to get more tests

You see the naivete? I didn't know any of the terms, didn't know that a line was a line was a line. I just didn't know..

I can still remember that time, so clearly, even though I can't be entirely sure what happened yesterday..

2 days after the deed - Hmm, I feel slightly sick. Could it be? I could be, but then I just ate a 4 pack of chocolate eclairs. POAS - negative

3 days after - Ooh, ohh, ohhhh.. sore breasts. Google says yes, that is a symptom. Except I read that on day 2 so have been prodding at my breasts for the last 22 hours.POAS - negative

4 days after - Sorer breast, more prodding. Does that hurt? Cue squeeze that would rival a mammogram - it did hurt.POAS - negative

5 days after - Sick feeling again, and very tired. Did see dh off to Iraq at some ungodly hour and slept for approx 27 minutes, but no.. it's definitely another symptom.POAS - negative

6 days after - Sickness getting worse, slight tummy cramps, breasts now complaining that they have been squeezed too much and will allow nothing to touch them without actual tears of pain. POAS - negative (become convinced that there is something wrong with the tests and make 10 year old daughter take one.. realise that that isn't something a respectable parent does)

7 days after - POAS... POSITIVE. Immediately go online. Find strangers and announce pregnancy. Apologise to G. Take photos of test stick and email to dh. And email again in case the first one didn't get through.

For the next 14 days, I POAS at least once a day. (Job lot for £3.95 off ebay and a few extras from Tesco) I spent more on pregnancy tests than I did on food that month.

I was 3 weeks and 1 day pregnant when I found out. I swore that I would never again test so early - my two pregnancies since then? I tested ridiculously early then too. I have no patience at all. It's pathetic.

Oh, I should do the soppy stuff too...


My first feelings when I truly believed that I was pregnant? To place my hand on my stomach and leave it there for the next 9 months. Bump needed to know I cared.


Cried and started watching American Tv shows for inspiration for names. Started hoping bump would be a boy named Cory or a girl named Raven. Was over the moon ecstatic.


No idea of his first reaction, he was in Iraq and had to read the email. I'm pretty sure he was pleased and announced the strength of his.. umm.. deposit to a roomful of Squaddies. To me, he just sent an email back, I saved it, I am sad like that!

You daft mare, the picture you attached didn't take. Pregnant already?Thought we were still just practising. Not supposed to happen until Dec. Bloody happy. Sure you'll manage? Can get mum to move in and help. Tell Jogs to make you eat green stuff. 8 months, I'll be home, try to hold on yeah? Got leave for World Cup, so home sometime in July. Am booking tickets. Can you fly? Suppose we could all drive to Germany. James coming back too. He's staying with us. Says congrats on bun. (well done really. V hppy) K

Romantic no? In case you really wanted to know, his mother did NOT stay with me (I'd be writing this from a frozen over hell if she had) He did get to go to the World Cup, and James did stay with us for a week. I didn't receive the message to eat lots of green stuff.


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