Tuesday, 14 October 2008

How to sell your life on ebay?

Actually, this isn't a topic, it's more of a question. I'm hoping people have slightly better experience of this than mine... I just tend to add something, write a life story of it, and hope someone buys.

And strictly, I'm not selling my life. I'm selling Lal's and G's.

I got a phone call earlier from the Insulation people, telling me that they are starting work tomorrow on our loft. I have 325 years worth of stuff in that loft. Literally. Even though we've only lived here for 6 years. I'm amazed the roof joists have survived this long.

So, I've come to terms with the fact there will be no more babies (unless I can steal one from somewhere) so am selling most of Lal's stuff and whatever G doesn't want. (Not selling all of Lal's stuff as I also decided after G that there would be no more babies and had to spend a fortune buying everything again)

Of course, the lack of a husband does sort of mean no more.. but you know, medical advances.. and there is always another Immaculate Conception to pray for..

So! I need help. How do you sell stuff on ebay? Do I list the 27 almost exactly the same cardigans, size new baby, that he absolutely NEEDED as separate lots? Or do I do them in a bundle? The 18 designer outfits that cost upwards of £30 each (they were cute and I had hormones... don't judge me) single? lots? Frame and keep forever on a wall?

Do you write lots and lots and lots? Or do you keep it simple and succinct?

What is the strangest thing you have sold? I've listed a broken dvd player, empty perfume bottles and net curtains... even an empty glass water bottle that I had for *show* on our dining table (before the dining room became Lal's playroom)

An except from one of my auctions.. and it sold!

Now this one really is nice! It has the guaranteed look that makes people coo over your beautifully dressed baby boy.

It is actually aged 6 months, but Ebay didn't want to let me list it at that. It had to be 3-6m or 6-9m. I would say that it was generously sized, but then I had a tiny baby, For normal sized babies, I suppose it would be for a 6 month old which doesn't help you out at all.

It is a gorgeous velour type fabric, extremely soft. Separate trousers and top and will be perfect for the upcoming autumn days.

Again, I classed it as a *best* outfit, so it didn't get much wear. And it's French. Which would be a non sequitur, but it isn't, because it's French.

It even says " la clef des champs" on it, in beautiful handsewn writing. Which all you French speakers will know, stands for "This parent is falling into my trap and buying a ridiculously priced French outfit because someone somewhere said that French is best." It cost me £85 new. Yes, you did read that right. £85 new. For an outfit that the baby is likely to be sick on (he wasn't - he wouldn't have dared.. £85 *sigh*)

Oh, it's blue and white. And pretty. Well, manly.

Happy Bidding! (which really means, please buy them and don't make me have to keep them. I may have to have another child, just so he can wear it, but then the new baby would be a girl and I'd have to buy more and have more babies... you don't want to subject me to that, now do you?)

Apologies for the frankly appalling picture taking skills. I was good, but then he ate the camera.

I need tales and inspiration people!You see what happens when I'm left on my own?

(And Lal has learnt to say "beach" - he says it a lot, but it doesn't really sound like he's saying beach.. it sounds ruder. There also seems to be something that sounds suspiciously like "pee off." *sigh*


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