Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Body Art

Yesterday I decided to let them paint. Lal and G together. For G at least, it could count as part of her Art home schooling thing. For Lal, it might convince him that paper isn't evil.

They had fun.

I'm still finding glitter everywhere I look.

I may never allow it to happen again, but as I have photographic evidence, they can never say I didn't let them try.




And my floor after they were done:


I did forget to account for when Lal got bored and decided to run off through the house. A quick dip in the paddling pool helped. Although I did forget to put any hot water in and he may have suffered mild frostbite. And I think I successfully created a paddling pool phobia, but he did paint.

It's hot. I'm going somewhere to melt.

K x

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