Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The break out.. and other tales.

So. As life is now back to how it should be, I decided now is the time for a new me. I had my hair done. Which is about as far as I'll go. Well, that and buying some new clothes which will never be worn and I'll sell on ebay in a year or two. Hair.. has gone from a delightful brown with what can only be classed as orange ends (disastrous home colour meets sun.. mmm orange) to a light blonde with highlights. I keep seeing a stranger in the mirror, it's very disconcerting.
K thinks it's lovely. So lovely, in fact, he thought I look like a different person and suggested we retire to the bedroom to "discuss" how changed I look. I may have got the slight hump with this, and assured him that that would be fine... as long as he didn't mind me pretending he was Edward Cullen.* For some reason, this annoyed him. Can't think why.

So that was fun. In child related news.. G is off to CTC (cadet training camp) this weekend. A fortune needed to be spent on all her gear - K went into raptures and was dispensing largely unwanted advice on what was absolutely and positively needed. G was ashamed as usual. At least it wasn't me doing it to her this time. This weekend, my girl, who can't seem to last 5 minutes without her hair straighteners, mobile phone and make up, will be sleeping under a Basha (a sheet that pretends to be a tent) and eating from a ration pack that she will cook on a cooking thingy.. I forgot the name again. Hushy has told me that it is really, really wrong to hope that it rains, so I shall do a hope for sun dance instead.

Lal continues with the number/letter obsession. We also had a Prison Break type attempt. Our playroom window faces onto our driveway. I had it open. When I came into the room, only the top of his head was visible, his feet were balanced on the plant pot underneath and the word "park" was being spoken in excited tones. Yep. If you won't take me mum.. I'm going myself. The playroom window no longer opens. Ever.

Oh, and I cleaned the sofa.. took the cushions offm, washed them and then fought to put them back into the covers. Suffice it to say, we are a disgusting family, the filth was incredible and as a consequence are only allowed to sit on the floor from now on.

Am off to go watch Twilight again, maybe K will get lucky again tonight.. ;)

K x

*Oh yes. Somehow, I seem to be in the throes of a terrible crush. Me, a mature (yeah right) nearly 32 year old, is in love with a 17 year old vampire. Meh, it could be worse.. I could still be suffering from Tom Cruise obsession.. aaah .. Tom..

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