Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Firstly, and most importantly.. tomorrow, dumb dog aka attack beast aka Max gets his final lot of injections and can finally be taken for walks. Thank God for that. There never was a dog more in need of walking than he. But of course, now start the excuses.

K - The man who bought the dog without consultation and then abandoned the care of said dog to me..

Excuse 1 - Doesn't get home from work until 7.30 and it's dark then.
Excuse 2 - Is very tired when he gets home and hungry and needs food and rest.
Excuse 3 - Thinks that raising the dog will do G good..

and that leads in nicely to:

G- The girl who loved the dog for precisely 29 minutes until she had to pick up a poo

Excuse 1 - Can't take him on a morning walk before school as she has to straighten her hair and that takes at least 33 minutes and if it's not done everyone will laugh at her.
Excuse 2 - (when advised she could get up earlier) She needs at least 10 hours sleep a night and if she doesn't get enough is unable to concentrate at school and will amount to nothing later in life.
Excuse 3 - 13 year olds are not legally allowed to walk dogs unsupervised. (This is unproven as Google refuses to back this up)
Excuse 4 - Mum does nothing all day anyway.

*watches steam rise from top of own head and imagines actually doing nothing all day* Ooh, I can hear Hawaiian music now, and I'm lying on a hammock. Ok, I'm not, well obviously.

And that leaves me. Colour me surprised. So now, in the mornings, I will get up, get Lal up, G up, sort out breakfasts. Get Lal dressed and ready for school. Remember not to just shove a jumper on over my pjs and get dressed properly. (Or if having fallen asleep on the sofa the night before, remember to get changed out of yesterday's clothes) And then take puppy puppington for a walk.. get back, get Lal to nursery.. etc etc etc.

Hands up who knew dog care would be my job? G can't walk him at night when she gets home as it will be dark, and you know, there's the law preventing 13 year olds... yeah, that one. *sigh*

And actually, *sigh* again.
Meh, I'll sort it out, I can with hold computer time from G, and sex from K. I wonder which one of them will break first.

G had a non pupil day today and cleaned and hoovered her room. Seriously, she did. 3 seconds after she'd done it she asked if she could go out, but she did it, so off she went. She was home a little late and before I could say a word, asked if she could take Lal to the park. Awww. He *loves* the park.

40 minutes later I got a desperate phone call as she couldn't make him turn around. He didn't want to go to the swings, he wanted to go to the Skate park a mile away. And she couldn't stop him. There was nowhere I could get to in the car to stop them, so had to allow the skate park trip, where there is a car park, and went to pick them up. Imagine my surprise when I met them,and G was surrounded by her friends. None of Lal's friends were there.. wasn't that lucky for her?

Oh, finally, I knit now. To be fair, my knitting is almost unrecognisable as actual clothes, but I spend a lot of time doing it. A lot of time. I keep falling asleep at 1am, mid stitch. So yeah, expect to see a lot of my lovingly hand knitted family Christmas presents on ebay come January. If I don't give up and pay someone to knit them for me..

K x

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