Thursday, 10 April 2008

An experiment with food.

You know those days, where you don't get a single minute just to sit, but still don't feel like you achieved very much? Well that was yesterday. I've only just recovered enough to write about it. It wasn't fun.

Firstly.. K came home. Well, it was supposed to be firstly. The flight was delayed, so they 2am arrival time was put back till 10am. And then 12.30pm because he had to nip into the office first. Obviously. 8 days away from home, the first person I would want to see would be my boss. Never mind the family putting on welcome home party.* So he arrived home, eventually at about 2.45. Wonderful. Was not impressed with Lal's joyous reaction. Anyone would think I'd been abusing the boy. The Daddy Rapture was out in full force, and mummy could.. well go away. So I did.

* there wasn't actually a party.. but, you know, there could have been - he didn't know..

I actually went out, in my car, without children. I had the CD turned up high, I'm NOT telling you it was Take That. I'm 14 again, obviously. I went off on my adventure to pay for and collect a slide I won on ebay. Lovely slide. Also found my dream house. It wasn't a house, it was a Hall. An actual Hall. That you could only get to by driving up a lane that said to ********** Hall ONLY. No point going down there if you are looking for Tesco.. just the one house. I pulled up, and was greeted by 5 ancient, fat and waddling dogs. There was a lake outside the front door, with a tyre swing. There was even a man in a flat cap roaming the fields with a shotgun tucked under his arm. I want that house. Anyway, I collected the jet washed, power washed, steam cleaned slide, paid for it, and came home, mentally planning my lottery win where I would buy out the current owners and move us all in... It could happen.

When I got home, Super Dad had decided to heed Lal's pleas and let him have a nap. Flipping brilliant. I became the doom laded soothsayer, who KNOWS that afternoon nap, at 4pm, will guarantee that Demon Child will NOT go to bed at 7. But Daddy knows best...

Made lots of noise round baby. woke him up, showed him his new slide. He displayed actual awe. Loved it. Looks like a nice day today, so I'll lock them all outside to play whilst I nap (or play around on bc)
Made tea.. ate tea.. looked at suspicously quiet baby who had decided to empty out our food cupboard and make a delicious meal for himself. With a can of Carlsberg to wash it down. The meal he made, and watch out Gordon, was a delightful combination of sultanas and dried skimmed milk. To get the proper glue like consistancy, he dripped his drink into it, and seasoned with icing sugar. Of course, the kitchen floor was his prep area, so it was a real.. umm.. fun time?

I decided to give him a later bath. I'm not that hampered by my routine - I realise it is actually his routine, but it helps me. Sleeping child at 7.30.. perfect. Last night, however, it was bathing child at 7.30.. attempted first sleep at 8. Failed. Allowed him to play. Second sleep.. 9, failed. Watched as child scaled radiator. Third sleep, 9.45, failed. Watched as child picked out a tune on his new American (thanks Daddy) zylophone.. and fell over cushion and hit head on cupboard - big red gash. Fourth sleep.. 10.25pm.. Success. (do we owe it to the concussion??)
Three hours late, but success, I was, by this time, a whimpering mess, rocking in the corner. Lal's impressively created tea had been stomped around the house, courtesy of all the other family members. Not their fault. How could they be expected to know how to pick stuff up off the floor? Or sweeping? Or even emptying the rubbish out?

So.. I tidied, washed, scrubbed, made myself a cup of tea, sat at the computer to join in our birth board msn chat night (Hushy arranged) and everyone had gone. Wonderful.

Ok.. that was most of yesterday. G had her first date.. I think she deserves a seperate entry.. check back later! :)

K x

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