Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Right so.. I've been bad again. Apologies. K has been away, G has been off, and Lal is the usual terror. It's been fun!
K is back tonight.. well early tomorrow morning, andI should be preparing the house, but honestly? I haven't missed him that much and the piles of wshing, washing up, sweeping, cleaning and hoovering can wait.

I have decided that I am lazy mother again. I have been watching the Day in the Life things that people have done on my birth board, and we do nothing in comparison. Chasing Lal around doesn't count.. so on Sunday we went to a Butterfly World type place. Wonderful. -10 outside and we stepped into the rainforest and were suddenly attacked from all angles by tropical butterflies. I notice that most of the other people in there weren't yelping and ducking every 45 seconds.. just me and mine. But hey... you never know what vicious attack a butterfly could perpetrate. Honestly. It's the winged thing fear again. Oh, and yes, I did see a vulture.. and G did burst into Jungle Book song.
On a warm day, the place would have been marvellous, but its not as much fun as it sounds watching Wallabys and Lemurs in a blizzard. Even the poor Barn Owl was shivering as he flew. We will be going back.. at some stage.. when it's over 25 degrees. I don't do outside when it's less than that.
Good mother experiment mark two was yesterday. I took them both to Wacky Hellhouse, or Warehouse as the sign actually says. Ball pit and climbing fun. My idea of heaven. Probably not the best time to take the littlest one when he'd only had a 15 minute nap. He was fine as long as I sat in the balls with him, as soon as I moved all hell broke loose. I did occasionally glance over at the other child, who was sat, hidden behind a pillar, desperately texting friends and pretending she wasn't there. She's too grown up for it all now apparently.
We left after 30 mins.. and won't be going back. On the upside we did do a special lal activity in Sainsbury's. His new favouritist thing ever is to wander (actually walk.. oh yes) round and force poor shoppers to play trolley dodgems whilst he starts, stops and turns to cause maximum crashes. Good job he's cute.

But the best news, in an entirely evil way... Lal has a cold. Aww.. shame.. and it really is. BUT... I had promised G that we could do her activity today.. and she chose, and she knows I hate it, swimming! Sadly, poorly sneezing baby has put paid to that idea. I let her have a bath with goggles instead.

Right.. that has been the last couple of days.. I shall try to do more tonight when I have finished the daily drudge and prepared a nice welcome home for the errant husband. Although if he thinks I'm waiting up for him...

K x x

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