Saturday, 3 May 2008

Crash.. uh oh

I had loads to do yesterday.. I decided that I am going to live by Budget, die by Budget, and lose the Die in Debt plan that has treated me so well over the last few years.

Started off well.. managed to knock £40 off the food shop, I'm discounting the fact that K is away for the week.. that saves me nothing! :) Also decided to bake my own snacks. Oh yes, no biscuits touched the trolley, no cakes... nothing. I am one of "those" people now. I have a pink apron that says Yummy Mummy and everything. I can feel the change.

Ooh.. before Tesco.. plenty of G fun to be had.. the Dreaded Non Uniform Day. Oh the joy of having to pay £1 to have a knock down stand up fight with your child. It's wonderful. I maybe old fashioned, but my initial reaction to wearing short shorts, over tights,and a skimpy top, is that it isn't quite right for a Catholic school. I made the mistake of articulating these thoughts. I was informed, under no uncertain terms, that she would "do as she likes".. Oh yes. Teenage angst.. marvellous. Fought the child into getting changed.. why can't she just wear jeans and a T shirt? Got annoyed and told her to be straight home from school, no stopping at the shop for sweets, nothing.. Response? Slammed out of house. I may have followed her up the road in my blue fluffy dressing gown, may have told her to never speak to me like that EVER again... may have told her that I'd make her life a living hell. According to her, it already is.. I'm a success as a parent! Woo hooooooo...Anyway.. back to Tesco!Lal was in fine fettle. Tracing the prices of crisps with his fingers, studying them, looking up, clapping the prices and saying "well done." He's looking for a job, obviously, little suck up!

Ok.. so.. I'm putting the shopping away. Being ultra organised and even cleaning out the fridge and sorting the cupboards. Brain completely switched off. Don't hear the monster wake from his (ridiculously short nap) and leave the sofa. Hear crashing. Brat child has pulled my cup of tea and G's still mostly full cereal bowl of the table. Tea and milk and soggy cheerios everywhere... GAH!
Soak it up, and wash with cold water (urgh the stale milk smell.. must prevent.. lmao) Leave very wet rug drying out. Bring Monstrous into the kitchen to help me.

Start cleaning out fridge again. Fail to notice that he's disappeared and is now ferrying milk bottles (late milkman) from the hall to the kitchen to "help." Hear crash, smash and "B*gger" (Yes, he does swear.. I am now replacing all my swearing with "Squiggle" - not as much fun as it sounds.) Rescue baby from sea of milk and glass, shove him in cot.. run downstairs, but not quickly enough to prevent the milk from sinking into another rug.


(On the plus side... I found the missing "i" from the alphabet puzzle behind the clock! )

K x

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