Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Artiste

I blogged a while ago that Lal hated colouring in of any description. Literally. Neither colouring pencils, nor crayons nor poster paints would sully the pristine whiteness of his paper. Nuh uh. No way.
Nursery seems to have brought about a change in him. He has been 4 times this week..and on three of those occasions, well, I have had actual art work come home. He now has paintings on the kitchen cupboards. No one can believe it.
Marvel at the (non) talent of the boy..
Thursday - ST George's Day:

He's an artist! Meh..

K x


Lisa said...

Clever Lal, learning that colouring pens can bring such joy to mummy, except of course, when used on her walls :-) xxx

Mummy_jo said...

YAY, go artist Lal, another talent to add to your list, I still remember the great escape :)

Watch out for him now Katie, it'll be the walls next, trust me lol I've had it, after jinxing myself and saying "Jay's never done that" lol

Hope your well and its always lovely to read what your up to.