Monday, 27 April 2009

Brandy works, right?

Before I start.. it's 10.34. PM. Lal is playing with his rocket ship, cars and animals. Normal children, normal toddlers.. normal 2 year olds go to bed at 7.30 - 8. Not Lal. Oh no. Nothing but the night owl for my boy. *sigh*

He woke up this morning with the sniffles. A little runny nose. Not the unattractive snot dripping, just a delicate touch on the top of his lip. This made him miserable, and forced me to allow him to nap for an hour at 1pm. That hour turned into 2.5 more hours as he refused to wake up.. even when I stood him on the floor and attempted to make him dance. Nope. Sleep please mummy. It'll be at least midnight before he sleeps now.

Oh, that reminds me.. he was up last night as well.. from 10-2... Will it harm him if I made him lie on the sofa with me, watching Fringe and CSI? I have a half formed worry that with him watching criminal and icky type programmes, I am only honing his future serial killer tendancies.. We'll see anyway.

G. My dear, daft G. She has exams starting tomorrow. The pressure is on. She has been forced to revise every night for the past week..and for the most part she has. For the most part. I am pretending that I can't hear the tell tale "ping" of her msn buddies calling for a chat. Honestky? She stands no chance with the exams if she can't even turn the volume on the pc off. I worry.. I do.

Ok. I'm off to get the brandy out. It's times like this I wish I had a prescription for sleeping pills.

OH! I almost forgot. Lal used to only get to watch BabyTv. No adverts, no merchandise.. and well he liked it, I liked it.. all fine. He now likes Nick Jr and Peppa Pig. (For some reason Bob the Builder now scares the B'jaysus out of him... he crawls away from the tv with a wobbling bottom lip whenever he appears. Poor baby) His all time favourite show though, and it's a good one... is the Cillit Bang advert. It actually makes him talk... "Bang... all GONE mama"


K x

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