Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The Accident Book

Dear Mrs S

Your son was involved in the following incidents today.

"He was playing with the sand pit and tipping the sand over the floor. We told him "no" but he carried on doing it. I then used the "Alexander NO" as you said to try, and he ran away. When running, he slipped on some sand that he'd thrown and slid into the sand table lip first. It started bleeding some and I put a cold compress on it. He now has a fat lip and small bruise.
He didn't like the cold compress and ran away again. This time to the Dressing Up corner. He tried to go through the unit (the hole in the middle) but hit his head on the top of it. He then tried to get out and fell over again and hit his left leg on a table. He has a small bruise forming already.
We gave him cuddles and he seems fine now."

Please sign and date the accident book.


(On the way out, I accidentally clocked him on the head with his bag. He only fell a little bit)

K x


Anonymous said...

Hehe, thats so funny - its not, but it is lol

Rox x

Marnie said...

Heh heh...sorry. I had a chuckle too.