Monday, 8 June 2009

Swine Flu? Not so much..

So I've been away for a while. Sadly, not away having a life...more dying, spending and trying to keep up with the children.

So, the dying part. I had flu. Not a cold although there was some snottiness involved, but actual shivers, high temp, muscle less flu. Not helped by G oinking at me every time she walked past and saying "are you *sure* it's not Swine Flu?" *sigh* It's nearly three weeks later and I still feel shaky from it. And I don't do ill very well. I tend to complain and moan a lot. An awful lot.

The spending was woolly stuff for Lal and a fab new haircut for G. She now looks officially grown up and she has an appointment for the chastity belt next week. Seriously. You don't believe me? Here:
That child is 13. *another big sigh* K has his boyfriend stick by the door.

Lal has added another word to his repertoire. Chicken. We went to my parents a couple of weekends ago.. and Lal discovered a whole new species to love. I worry for the poor things, apparently one hasn't laid since Lal attempted to mount her..
My boy. Never knowingly normal. Oh, his new obsession? Going outside in the morning, walking round the house and saying "well done" to each of the bricks. You know, for doing a sterling job in holding the house up. *it's no surprise I spend most of my time sighing*

The biggest news, I suppose, is that K is no longer a weekend husband. As of this weekend he has officially moved back in. Started as we mean to go on, with a row, but that was fun. If he will press start on the washing machine when a 2 hour wash had *just* finished... what does he expect? Applause? And he used the dishwasher he got me for Mothers Day. It's first use. The thing scares me with its fancy buttons. I like burning myself on the boiling water that comes out of the tap, thank you very much. So yes, he's back. I can sleep upstairs again. It's nice actually, but don't tell him I said that. I missed him. I'm happy.

I had a few other thoughts, but to be honest, I'm slightly addicted to the Farm Town application on facebook, and I need to know how my crops are doing, so I shall go for tonight. But will promise to start blogging properly again. Maybe. Ish.

Oh, and one last pic, cos I love it. A very camo Lal. He's in cadet training with G...

K x


majack22 said...

You have a very beautiful daughter. I am not looking forward to when my DD1 hit 13 ( she is almost 12). Glad you are feeling a bit better and I am happy that you feel happy, it is the best feeling in the world.

Laura said...

Wow, G looks so grown up now!
LOVED the "well done" to the bricks!!!
Where did you get Lal's rhino tee shirt? I love it - Jamie NEEDS one LOL

Tammy said...

I hate to tell you this sweetie but Tony said he thought G looked about 20 in that pic, for pete's sake, lock her up now and thrown away the key!

Louise said...

Ah Katie I've missed your blog. Great news on the home front, even the bricks. Perhaps Lal is planning to be a civil engineer when he grows up and he will create amazing designs because the bricks will "do their job properly!"

Laura - Rhino T-shirt comes in a set of three from Tu at Sainsbury. We have it, also has a lion on yellow and a giraffe on blue.

Louise said...

PS: Oh yes, G definitely looking older than 13, build a wall and a moat!