Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Why the hell did I do that?

K has gone away for the week. It's a hard life for the poor man, he has to spend the next 4 days being wined and dined in America. Let's hope we don't get a repeat performance of what happened the last time he went there. :D

G had an orthodontist appointment today, about 6 months and the braces will be off. She'll miss them apparently, well them and her ever changing coloured teeth - the elastics are currently pink and blue, last month she had bright red. I think it loos ridiculous, but as usual, I know nothing.

I was dreading taking her, simply because Lal always falls asleep in the car.. takes 30 mins to drive there, and then back again. No chance of keeping him awake usually. But not today. Today, through singing the theme tune to Super Why, Wonder pets and 144 verses of ABC he stayed awake. And is asleep now at 8.16pm. YES! I was expecting a 3am job so am completely over the moon at my night off. Except I'm not having one, and here's why. Somebody shoot me now.

As I mentioned last time, G is having a few problems as school. I hadn't yet sorted out the first one, when the darn child got herself into yet more trouble. She decided that how Mrs L had treated her on sports day was unfair (well it was) and that she couldn't cope with the injustice anymore. And put her facebook status as "I hate Mrs L. She is such a liar." 40 odd comments were posted by her friends, agreeing with her.. and some used appalling language/grammar and were quite offensive. In my humble opinion, what G wrote was wrong, but hardly offensive. Well, maybe a bit.

She was reported by a parent who read this and was immediately yanked out of her classes on Friday and had to spend the day in "inclusion." And again on Monday. And again today. This afternoon I received a phone call from the Deputy Head informing me that G was to be the only person punished and that she would be suspended from school for 7 days. I said ok, and put the phone down.

And immediately wrote to the school informing them that I was taking her out with effect from tomorrow and that she would homeschooled until such time as I could find another school for her. Can anyone see hormonal over reaction there? I even hand delivered the letter to the school with a package containing all her textbooks. Crap.

I'm going to spend the night looking up various curriculum thingies. At a push, I can teach her myself for a while, I am qualified to at least, and a part of me is looking forward to it.. Maybe.

BUT.. and this is a big one. I didn't discuss it with K. I still haven't in fact. (Sorry honey, I can't work out the time difference,so haven't rung yet.. will do, I promise) He is going to kill me. And that isn't a hormonal over reaction. There will be actual murder. Thank goodness he is on a different continent. Maybe I can move before he gets back on Friday?

Off to shake and rock in a corner.. what the hell have I done? Fingers crossed I can get her into another school asap!


K xx

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Rachel said...

awww, what an *awful* time you're having with her school! That's just terrible! Poor you - and her! :( Maybe you'll just get on with homeschooling and actually enjoy it! ;-) I was homeschooled as a child (from the beginning right through till I went to college later) as were my 6 brothers and sisters...and it was great! :-) It doesn't have to be as scary as it might seem!