Friday, 22 August 2008

Best and Worst Moments

Best Pregnancy Feeling: Trying to work out if that movement was a kick or not... so pressing down hard on your tummy to see if you did actually feel it.

Worst Pregnancy Feeling: Wondering if, by pressing down hard on your tummy to feel that kick, you have squished the baby's face completely. Or given him a black eye.

Best Scan Moment: Seeing the alien on the screen and knowing that you created that. Seeing your daughter talk to your tummy and watching the baby move in response.

Best Alternative Scan Moment: As you leave the room and run to the loo.. and finally release the 19 pints of water you've been holding for an hour and half.

Worst Scan Moment: The 6 hours that the sonographer looks at the screen before she mentions that there is a heart beat. It may not be six hours, it may be 45 seconds, but it is the longest 45 seconds in the world.

Best Late Pregnancy Moment: Sitting on the sofa and watching your bump dance to the Strictly Come Dancing theme tune. Trying to work out if it is head, arm, leg, elbow poking out from under your ribs.

Worst Late Pregnancy Moment: When you absolutely and completely crave the Flake bars that are at the very top of the larder, and you are too fat to reach them. Climbing on a chair doesn't work because your bump is too big, so you sit on the floor and cry. And then cry again because you can't get up from the floor on your own.

Best Labour Moment: When the baby is out, crying, beautifully pink, perfect and gorgeous.

Worst Labour Moment: About 15 minutes before the baby is born and you decide that you're just not doing this anymore. So the midwife gets out her doppler and listens for the heartbeat... just to worry you so you'll push again. *Sneaky woman... worked though!*

Best Newborn Moment: Every minute of the first 4 days when you literally cannot stop staring at the perfect little person that you made.

Worst Newborn Moment: Afterpains! No one told me they hurt. I forgot about them after I had G. So I sat with a lot water bottle on my tummy and rang the midwife in a panic as I was cuddling Lal and became convinced I had superheated him..

Worst Illness: When Lal wouldn't stop being sick and was diagnosed with Pyloric Stenosis. The transfer to GOSH was the worst hour of my life.

Best Baby Memory: His first smile, the first time he sat up, the first time he grabbed my finger and held it tight. Is it soppy to say all of it?

Worst Baby Memory: When a hair got wrapped around his toe and he had to be hospitalised with a mystery infection. Awful.

Best Toddler Memory: When he escaped through the cat flap, crawled up the garden and sat in the middle of the lawn grinning.

Worst Toddler Memory: When we lost him in Tesco.

Best Teenager Memory: Always this one.. always..

I think that'll do for now!

Can't wait for the next set of memories. Ok, I'm officially soppy now. I'm going to go and iron something.

K xx

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