Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Insomnia, not as much fun as it sounds

I can't sleep! Weeks this has been going on.. weeks. It's 2.32am, I am shattered, the house has been cleaned to perfection - Lal has learnt to sleep through the hoover.. good boy - the games are out for tomorrow, the sofa has been plumped, the furniture moved around in the sitting room. I have nothing left to do. I need sleep. PAH!

I blame my head. It's too full of useless stuff, thoughts, ramblings. It just won't rest and it's annoying me now. I may have to take drastic action soon. A lobotomy or something..Are you listening head? Are you?

So, i am sitting here, on my truly uncomfortable chair. Oh yes.. that's something that happened. On Saturday, I was merrily starting 3000 threads on bc (number may vary.. it possibly was 7) when my whirly chair, or office chair, suddenly tilted forward slightly. No problem, I leaned back to compensate. Answered a few more threads and heard an ominous creaking...it really was a mournful sound. I then found myself on what was possibly the scariest roller coaster of my life, before I fell to the floor with a thump. An actual thump. The falling wasn't helped by my landing area. Yep. Damn toys. A Marks and Spencer stocking filler camera to be exact. In places where God didn't intend things to go. Pain. But I was super mummy and didn't swear. I used the G rated words. Many times. Whilst my mind had the dubbed X rated version. The death of pink chair means that I now have an extremely hard and uncomfortable wooden slated one. I can see my computer times lessening drastically. You know what's really bad? It's now 2.42 and I've just gone outside to take a picture of the chair to share. Really. I need help.

G goes back to school in 8 days. 8 days! Nope, that deserves more of these ... 8 days !!!!!!!!!!!!! Why isn't there a *yippee* smiley when you need one? I still need to buy her new uniform, but can't because it can only be purchased at the exorbitantly expensive school shop and I have no idea when that opens. We have an appointment at the Cadets on Thursday.. still haven't told her about the discipline part, or the marching.. meh, she'll love it.

Lal has decided that it's his turn to drive me crazy. He isn't eating. If he manages 3 carrot puffs and a gingerbread man throughout the whole day I claim a major victory. *sigh* He is having truly delightful nappies though, so I'm hoping it's just a tummy bug and not the early onset of anorexia. Cos you know.. it could be. Really. Oh,and he's back in the disposables. I can't cope with the scraping of the cloth. Tmi? You'd think so wouldn't you?

The cat disappeared for two days straight. Just gone. Didn't come in screaming for food, miaowing for attention, peeing on the floor.. nothing. I'd just managed to convince G that she must have taken herself off somewhere to die when she jumped back in through the window. And screamed for attention, miaowed for food and peed on the floor. I love that cat. Honestly. The real shame was that if she had gone, I was thinking of getting the children a greyhound. Don't laugh at me.. I watched the news.. there was a feature... they only need two 20 minute walks a day.. supposedly. And a coat for the winter in case they freeze. And summer in case they burn. It's a plight. Of the Greyhounds, it was on the news... Fine then. I'm just too soft. But the cat came back anyway, so greyhound can stay in the kennels.. unloved and unwanted. Stop it Katie.. now. No Greyhound.

You see what insomnia does? It's not pretty. OOh.. but.. I did find some cream stuff for under my eyes to lessen the big black circles that make passers by think I have Panda DNA. It's fancy. By Garnier and sort of rolls on. I can see a difference. I didn't just waste money..

I'm still trying to add the picture of dead whirly chair by the way. My computer is trying to decide whether to realise if my camera is attached or not. It is, but I think the computer is trying to be funny. Or make me do a reboot and lose everything I've written.

Again, insomnia is not pretty.

Right, I am going to make yet another cup of tea and lie on the sofa and watch Extreme Makeover:Home Edition. Maybe Ty Pennington can help me sleep.


K xxx

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