Friday, 15 August 2008

Children everywhere... and ouch

Right, bad stuff first seeing as I've been away for so long.

Didn't get to go on the big Hushy meet and holiday in Scotland. Lal finally succumbed to the Pox proper and caravan parks have odd rules that don't allow you to be contagious around other people. hmph.

Had a little to do with K that knocked me off kilter for a while. Surprised myself as I actually do have a mind, and it needed sorting out. I have now managed to pack everything into neatly labelled boxes. This last to do has an open date of 2020, so I'll deal with it, and think about it then.

And now to the good stuff. For the last week, the household has had three children. My neice, Olivia, has been staying with us. She is the original jetset child and flew in from Dubai, where she lived for 6 years and will go back to New York, where she lives now, on Wednesday. She is three weeks, two days and about 19 minutes younger than G. We have had that conversation many, many times. She has a speaking voice that is 17 decibels louder than G's. The house reverberates when she chatters. Lal is terrified of her. Which helps when I want them to watch him for a while.

Oh, oh, I decorated and moved around their rooms.. if you don't like pink, please, look away now.

Lal's new room (up until last week, it was G's room and pink!)


G's pink monstrosity of a bed... fairy lights on the wall and all! The cabin bed was NOT easy to put up alone. I had to shout out the window for my next door neighbour to come rescue me.

G's room, after


I turned another year older. I refuse to say how many years have passed since I became an actual person... but this time 20 years ago, I was about to start secondary school. And I have discovered 4 grey hairs. Actually, I didn't discover them, Oliva did. And hasn't shut up about them since. *sigh* Ooh.. for my birthday I was thoroughly spoilt. The children, bless them, took money from my purse (don't get me started) took their own savings and bought me a digital photo frame, and another one for my key ring. I am now trying to work out how to get pictures from my camera into the frame and stay there. Or I was working it out. The frame is now under my bed until it's learnt its lesson and starts listening to me when I tell it to do something.

The best present I got though, was my tooth. Monday afternoon, after munching many chewy rings, my wisdom tooth broke. Don't think I didn't get the irony... It's 4 days later and I still can't open my mouth enough to eat anything wider than soup. Managed to shove in bits of chocolate birthday cake though. Wink I have an appointment for next week to see what they can do. Booo

That's enough for tonight.. I have every finger crossed that this will actually post and not be consigned to SN hell.. and I can't type anymore.


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