Thursday, 28 August 2008

My life in six words..

My life in six words? Can I give it a couple of goes?

Attempt one:

Sigh, sob, laugh, love, sleep, babycentre..

Not bad.. how about..

My children have driven me crazy..

Well that's true I suppose, but hardly the profound phrase I was looking for.

Or .. My day in 6 phrases..

Stop that; Get down;Not in the toilet; No, you can't go on MSN; Whistle once more and I'll sew your lips together whilst you sleep; Why Lal, why?

Nope.. not good enough and I did change the whole premise.. one more..

I'll deal with it later on..

Ok, now try harder.. I'll get there, let's just throw things out there (forgive the Americanism)

Dear God, is that the time?

Why can't I ever be serious?

My children light up my life.. - I like this one, it's true, to the point.. hmm..

Would somebody please feed that cat?

I'll be off the computer soon..

Ok, I'm giving up now. I've created a crop of phrases.. there is at least one proper one in there..and you're right Lynda, it is harder than it looks!

K xx

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