Tuesday, 23 September 2008

And back again..

I've made my decision, and I'm here to stay. I keep losing so much time that I just haven't had any spare to journal. My nights don't feel complete with my record of my day, so I'm starting again. I made a list so I could remember what I was going to say.. but I lost it somewhere. Balls. Maybe headings will help?

Life according to G..

She has started cadets. She wasn't so sure after the first outing - told me that everyone there had been sent because they were alcoholics, drug dealers and had been given 18 ASBO's by the time they were three. Slight parental digging revealed the true reason to be that they expected 10 push ups a night and G can only manage half of one. She tried, bless her. She's back at school, no problems so far, is settling in well and actually working! Still having the same issues with the rolled up skirt - ooh, a new one! What's with the lopsided pony tail? Does she not realise we're not living in the 80's anymore? I said that to her, and that I'd buy her some legwarmers... she reminded me that I bought them for Lal..so what's the problem? well yes, but they're not called legwarmers, they're called Baby legs and they are just cute... I lost that argument and she still has a lopsided head. She does it to try me. She also decided that she needed to create her own fake ID so that she could go to the shops and buy me cigarettes. Apparently a non smoking me isn't very nice..

Life according to Lal..

Not many more words, although his ability to climb has now reached legendary status. Seriously. He star jumped off is pushchair earlier. And climbed to the top of his easel and balanced. BALANCED. Sorry for shouting, but if there is one thing designed to stop my heart dead, it's the sight of a 21month old sitting on top of an easel. He starts nursery tomorrow. I dread to think how they are going to handle him. He may well be responsible for a sudden shortage of Nursery workers in our area. Stress related absences are on the up aren't they? He doesn't eat anymore. Well he does, but only yogurt (must be Petit Filous) fruit pots, gingerbread men and carrot puffs. That's it. Nothing else. At all. He knows it winds me up, so opens his mouth as if willing to taste some yummy Cottage Pie, smiles at me and spits it all back out. He starts nursery tomorrow.. He hasn't quite got to grips with the "No" thing yet either. He will do something naughty, and whilst doing it will tell himself off. The worst, however, is when for example, he opens the fridge and starts removing stuff... he gets told "No" and stops.. Awww.. I then open the fridge to put the just about to break milk bottle back in, and get my fingers slammed in the door and vociferously told "NO Mama.. nessy" But, but... I'm the grown up.. I'm allowed to do it. The new rule of the house, according to Lal.. If he can't do it, no one can... He starts nursery tomorrow... Only for 3 hours, 3 mornings a week. I'm looking forward to it now. I'll be a wreck tomorrow.

Life according to me..

I am ashamed to say that I decided to give up giving up. And am a fully fledged smoker again (shh, tell no one, they'll shout at me) In my own non existent defence, I've had a very stressful few weeks and it probably wasn't the best time. OOh, I also discovered Flylady! She emails me every morning telling me to look at my "control journal" and do tasks from it. Houseworkey type tasks. For a neat and clean freak like me, it's the closest I'll get to heaven for a while. I wonder if it's the child in me that just wants to giggle inanely at the last line of her email.. Here, read and enjoy..


Do you need a Pep Talk this morning!

We are going to build a Morning Routine for your Control Journal or to just post on the refrigerator. Here is what I do.

1. Get up and weigh
2. Shower, get dressed to lace up shoes,fix your hair and face
3. While you are in the bathroom Swish and Swipe
4. Grab a load of laundry and start the washer
5. Check your calendar for today's activities
6. Empty dishwasher to start your day
7. Eat something good for you, take your medicine and vitamins
8. What's For Dinner
9. Drink your water.
10. Put some Loving Movement into your day. - Yeah.. umm.. ok..

Told you! I'm a child...

I've been massively busy trying to build up my enterprises, but things are going well.. this time next year, I'll be a.. well you know. Possibly even this time next week if I can get the Euromillions!

This weekend, a group of Dec 06 mums are heading off to London for a mum's only meet. We are staying in a hotel in Kensington and planning on drinking lots. We even have a flying Hushy coming in from Scotland. Expect many fuzzy pictures on Monday. I can't wait actually, it'll be my first proper break away from the children since before they were embryos. Fab!

I've wittered on enough for tonight. I did have much catching up to do though, so.. well just so!

Lal.. nursery tomorrow. Am looking forward to it, and will do until 9.02 when I realise that he's not here...


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