Monday, 22 September 2008

Our favourite book

Books! I like books. I read many of them. Over and over.

When I was a child, I truly believed that I was the missing member of Famous Five. If they'd had me on their team, we'd have found the missing treasure on Kirrin Island in half the time. I still say "smashing" now, drives G mad.

And then I got older and discovered the magic that was Malory Towers. I wanted to *be* Darryl and have her legendary temper that she inherited from her father. And Marylou and her timidity, Sally for her steadfast loyalty (whilst all term denying that she had a baby sister until her appendix burst and Super Darryl's father saved the day) I used to try brushing my hair 100 times like Gwendoline Mary Lacey, could never quite manage it, but Miss Grayling called it, it took some time, but Gwen did manage to become a "worthwhile young lady."

Older still and the Judy Blume addiction began. How many people my age (and I'm not telling you what that is) don't remember and giggle childishly at the name Ralph? Or can still tell you what page *that* happened on?

During my depressing teenage years, I started reading books about Nuclear War. Z for Zacharia, Children of the Dust, Brother In the Land.. I loved them all. Thinking back, I must have been quite young when I read them, the girl in one survived because she lived under the kitchen table and only drank bottled water. 4 days I lasted before my mum refused to feed me anymore.

My all time favourite book now, is one I read years ago, and is now out of print. It's called "A covenant with death." It's the story of a Pals regiment of the First World War, the tagline.. ""2 years in the making, 5 minutes in the destroying." A true story of a group of 200 factory workers who all joined up on the same day, 180 of them were wiped out in the first 5 minutes of the Somme. Another depressing one!

I like Marian Keyes.. does that make up for it? And ooh, nearly forgot the Danielle Steel years... Zoya, Fine Things.. tragic heroines who become world leaders.. love it!

G's favourite book hasn't yet been written. And never will be. She would rather have both arms amputated by toothpick accident than willingly read. Breaks my heart.When she was little, she used to love us reading ... gah.. what's it called? "Oh no," said Mr Bear." I can't stand this... " He didn't get any sleep... grr.. what's the betting I remember it as soon as I hit publish?!

Lal loves anything Bob related, Thomas related, and anything he can gnaw at. Ooh, proud Catholic mama.. he does love the God Loves Me bible.. Sits for at least 30 mins "reading" that one.

I just hope that it will continue for him. I loved reading, still do..


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