Friday, 28 November 2008

Scan story

Scans.. loved them. Loved them so much I had to pay for the fancy 3d one, just so I could see him one more time before I met him for real. I had three scans.. so I'll do three stories!

12 week Scan

K was away again (when was he not? lol) so I went on my own. I could have taken G, but I was suffering from First Scan Terror. You know, the terror that you've imagined the 19 positive tests and you're not actually pregnant. Drank the obligatory 19 glasses of water, and crossed my legs to wait my turn. I was informed that my bladder was too full, and could I let a little out? No mean feat, but success acheived. And then that wait. Gel on tummy, itchy paper stuffed into best knickers, stomach still completely flat except for the bump on you can see.. and the 2 minute silent wait. The silence that stretches forever until the sonographer deigns to tell you that there is a heartbeat. And legs and arms and a head. Anyway, here is baby IT (as was then) arms, legs and head..Aww, it was waving..


20 week Scan

I loved this one. It was the 10th August and the day before my birthday. A perfect present. I took G with me, as I really did want her to be involved, and thought it would kill any feelings of jealousy stone dead.

Learnt my lesson from the time before and didn't drink too much water. Still wore my best knickers though, and this time I *did* have a bump that would be seen by someone other than me. She did all the measurements, and then asked if we wanted to know the sex. I did, I wanted the surprise, but wanted it then! I asked the sonographer to whisper it to G, so that she sould be the very first person to know whether she was having a baby brother or sister. She squealed ridiculously loudly, which was how I knew he was a boy. A sister didn't really appeal.. So.. here.. the 20 week baby boy:


An alien in the third pic, obviously.

28 week 3d scan

Just brilliant. Well worth the money. It cost around £100 with the photos I think, and I got a cd with all the pictures and some real time movement on. I cried through the whole thing. G sang to my belly at one point, and he turned directly towards her and listened. Cried again. Stupid hormones. And the pics.. the last one.. well.. I asked my bump to confirm (before I decorated his room and bought boy clothes) to just confirm that he was actually male. An obliging baby.. he did..


Shy baby..


Not so shy baby boy.. G insisted in having a proper print of this picture and taking it into school to show all her friends. K was just proud..


K (who is not feeling at all broody now.. damn you Lynda.. why scan pictures when he's about to turn two and the whole baby thing seems so long ago.. )

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