Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The picture of my discontent

Just, before I start. Here.. this is what I'm living with. It's like a dark shadow cast over the house. Behind the door, I know that this mess is waiting for me. And it's driving me crazy. I can no longer use the upstairs bathroom as I have to pass by the door. I'm telling you, the mess haunts my dreams.


Right, neuroses done. Now let's talk about today.

Last night I had a mini argument with G - can you guess what about? She went to bed in a huff, and I accidentally overdosed on droswy cough syrup. I'm positive I bought the non drowsy one, but ah well. Woke up at 8.10, on the sofa, freezing all the way from top to tippy toes and shouted at G to get up. My poor girl had already got up, dressed, breakfasted herself and left, all without waking me. Felt horrible. Really horrible. So resolved to do something nice for her. Something really nice... for her.

Lal ate breakfast again, and today Louie's World taught him body parts. Not dismembered ones, there was a picture of a boy. Now why is it that I've been labelling his parts for months now, but when Louie says it, Lal can suddenly point to his head, legs, arms and feet. Pfft. I just have contrary children.

What else? And why do have such a terrible memory?

Ah yes, G had another detention tonight. Her crime? Her top button wasn't completely done up. Pfft. I texted and reminded her that I would be picking her up from school at 4.30 and we'd go straight to the Stop Smoking Clinic - free patches.. woohoo. 4.20, Lal and I got in the car, named a few body parts, sang Bob the Lally, can he fix it, and arrived at the school at 4.31. No G. No G anywhere. Ring her mobile, switched off. Ring again, still switched off. Ring again and my phone tells me that I have used all my credit. I turned around to tell Lal that we were going home, and he'd fallen asleep. At 4.45. Nooooooooooo. Did you hear the shout of terror? He'll never sleep tonight. Finally, at 4.50, the phone rang. My next door neighbour who informed me that G was with her and that she'd gotten a lift home with a friend. The air in my car turned ever so quietly blue as we made our way home through the rush hour traffic.

It's 8.30 and the 26 minutes sleep Lal had in the car has meant that he is still awake. He's in his cot, with the side up and has thrown every single blanket and pillow out in frustration. Bedtime bear was just launched into the hall. It's going to be a very long night.

And after I was nice to G and returned her room to it's former glory as well. Hands up who knew I'd break and hang the damn clothes up myself?

K xx

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