Monday, 24 November 2008

Nagging, breakfast and sigs

"G.. sweetie, could you hang up the clothes in your bedroom please? Thanks love."

So, today. You'll never believe it. Lal ate breakfast. Actually ate it. Cereal, two yogurts, a fruit pot, a packet of raisins and two gingerbread men. I was that excited, I rang Hushy to celebrate. She was once again screening my calls, so to pay her back I rang back every 15 minutes for two hours. I finally stalked her into submission, she answered and we chatted (whilst she made soup.. from scratch not from a can... incredible) Where was I? Oh yes, breakfast. He ate it! For the first time since July. JULY. Breakfast. What a fantastic Monday.

"Jogs, don't forget to hang those clothes up please love.. you still haven't done it. Thanks sweetie."

What else did we do today? Well, there was breakfast, the Hushy call.. umm.. oh yes, we watched Baby Tv. Louie's world to be precise. Lal's speech is coming along nicely, if you don't need the first half of words. On Louie's World, a nice lady says "A stereo system/television/remote control/ etc etc etc (today was Electronic devices - yesterday was clothes, it varies..) (can you put brackets in a quote?) (probably not) " She then says "A stereo system.. where's the stereo system, there's the stereo system. A stereo system." And then goes onto the next thing.

Lal can now say:

sion - television

stum - stereo system

trol - remote control

ter - computer

And woe betide me if I say that he's said sion when it was actually stem. I get that look of disappointment. You know the one..

"Georgia, if you haven't hung those clothes up by the time I get upstairs...."

What else? I have a niggling cough that I am trying to cure by smoking more.. it's not working yet though, I'm going to have to persevere.

Ooh oh.. caught the G out again. Suddenly remembered at around 2 that it was Monday and that she *may* have Cross Country after school, so texted her to confirm. At 3.35 I got a text back saying "yes." At 4.20 she rang me to say that she was on her way home.. our conversation:

"Mum.. I'm 5 minutes from town, I'll be home in about 20 minutes."

"Ok sweetie.. you're early.. was there no cross country?"

"No, there was.. but not many people went, so we finished quicker..."

Riiiight.. I get it. Apparently, if fewer people than usual go.. it takes far less time to run 3 miles. Upon cross examination on her arrival home, it was established that she had failed to attend the after school club and had decided to ride the Number 42 bus' entire route - just because her friend lives at the last stop. Marvellous.

Lal didn't nap today. By 5.25 he was falling asleep into his (non eaten) dinner. He perked up slightly in the bath at 6, but then mistook the bubbles for a pillow and we had a mini drowning incident. He's been asleep since 6.30 and I'm fully expecting his internal alarm to be loud and cheerful at Even more marvellous.

"Georgina Mary Alice. I picked the clothes up from the pit you call your room. I washed the clothes. I dried the damn clothes. I ironed them and put them on hangers. The ONLY thing I asked you to do is to hang them in your wardrobe. That's it. I didn't send you out to pick the cotton and hand sew them. I asked you to hang them up. I will be upstairs in 3 minutes. If it's not done I'm taking your computer, your phone, your bed and your life... get it? 3 minutes."

And finally.. I'll show off. Not only my monsters, but my fab new Hushy sigs..



K xx

(who is sneaking back into journalling.. well hopefully..)

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