Tuesday, 2 December 2008


I've been ill, hence the lack of words. Not just ill. Really ill. Stupid cold. It's refused to either go away or kill me and I'm fed up now. The house is littered with tissues, empty lemsip packets, lockets and tunes wrappers and I'm still not well. Stupid cold.

And the cold made me do something unforgiveable. Something so heinous, so incredibly wrong that our already fractured family may never recover.

Lal has had a haircut. It's been bothering me for ages, the bit of hair on the back of his head that jutted out in a tangled, matted triangle. Doting and obsessed mummy aside, it made him look a bit deformed.

That's no excuse for the butchery that happened today though. Somehow, he ended up with a short back and sides. There are no curls at all. None. They didn't even appear at bathtime tonight, when I kept putting a wet flannel on his head and twirling the 1cm hair round my fingers.

The worst thing? He now looks like a BOY. Not a baby, not really even a toddler.. an actual boy. It's like he should be off to big school tomorrow. I hate it.

He was excellently behaved whilst in the butchers though. Sat perfectly still reading a book. I sat, looking in the mirror, trying to summon the courage to ask the woman to stop snipping away. I didn't want to be rude though, so stayed quiet. And wept quietly inside.

I'm going to make him wear lots of hats until it's grown back. And he's going to be a hippy. And never have a haircut again.

Even G hates it. I just tucked her into bed, told her that I loved her, and that she is my girl. My best girl (I'm trying positive reinforcement as a behaviour modification tool) Her reply? "Yes mum, I know.. and Lal is your short haired freak.." Nice.. but true. The poor hair. *sobs*

Oh yes, and he started nursery again.. after not having gone for about 6 weeks.. he recognised the car park and ran in the opposite direction. I caught him and he screamed piteously as I took him inside. And cried more once in there. Until he saw the really fancy hoover (toy one) that they have.. and left me without a backward glance... Oh, the hoover is FAB! It says.."Come on.. let's get cleaning..." I ordered one from Amazon within 49 seconds of coming home.

Hmm... I wonder if his hair will grow back quicker if I pull it...

K x

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