Sunday, 21 December 2008

Now we are *nearly* two

So. It's Lal's birthday tomorrow. My baby turns two. I'm not tidying up and preparing for it in an effort to pretend it's not happening. He's a baby.. not a toddler. Pfft.

Oh, and I've not been around for a while as K is starting an all out offensive to be allowed to come home and I've been hiding from the computer. He sends me emails with songs from youtube on and they are very difficult to ignore. This is what I mean.. Now you try and fail to be moved..

We went to Mass this morning, after a fairly long not going time. I've not been in the right head space to go, but now it's nearly actual Christmas, I need to make the effort.

We got there late, which was bad and meant we had nowhere to sit. Other than a small space at the back which holds the spare hymn books, notice board and a few oddly broken chairs. Lal, of course, was in heaven with all the books and sat quite happily for 30 mins. Just the odd shout of "Cheeses" - Jesus, "Ah Moon" - Amen and "Good God... ell done" Quite why he says well done to God is anyone's guess, but the sentiment is ok.. About 20 minutes before the end, Lal noticed the notice board, studied it for a while and then did what any self respecting nearly 2 year would do.. and tried to eat a yellow drawing pin. His ever vigilant sister, G the brave, saw this and stopped him. This produced a tantrum of epic proportions. So loud that we had to leave Mass early as the screams were literally echoing from the rafters. We got in the car and sat in it for half an hour as we were blocked in the car park.. gave us time to reflect.. And for G to endlessly apologise for daring to prevent death by drawing pin.

Once home, I did the Yummy Mummy thing (I have an apron that proclaims I am one) and made 48 mince pies. 48. And we don't even like them.. but they were supposed to be taken to my parents for Lal's unbirthday party. I forgot them. And the unbirthday cake. So now we have two for tomorrow. *sigh* We did drop some of with the Priests... as I haven't been to Mass, I'm trying to get back into good books. G misheard when I said a light sprinkling of icing sugar on top, so the poor men may now be suffering from diabetes.. Christmas spirit though, right?

Lal largely ignored everything birthday like sadly. He's been told so many times to leave the presents under the tree alone, I think he now has a present phobia and refused to go near, let alone open the ones he got today. And that makes it very difficult to show gratitude for them. Sorry mum! Sorry dad, He does love Thomas really..

Can put it off no longer.. I should wrap his presents, and make good the birthday room. Just think.. this time two years ago I wasn't even in labour.. not for another 3 hours.

K xx

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