Sunday, 4 January 2009

So.. that was Christmas

I'm back from my Christmas break.. It was great.. really. Children, presents, excitement... a really restful time. But G is back to school tomorrow, and it's time I got back into blogging. I like blogging, actually, I find myself taking notes of funny things that happen during the day, just so I can write about them at night. I invariably lose the notes, so never have anything much to say.. but the thought is there!

Christmas... Lal's wrapping paper terror came back again. Not surprising that he didn't get over it in the three days since his birthday, but it made Christmas morning a joy. G was ripping into her stuff, Lal sat with his back to everyone in the corner reading a book. His bible actually. Way to make us feel bad that we didn't go to Mass, Lal.. cheers. We had to unwrap all his presents, put them in a pile and cover them with a fleece blanket that he could pull off, before he'd even entertain the idea of looking at them.

The biggest hit was the Bob the Builder Workbench. With it's 1000 decibel speech. And no mute button. I swear the damn thing is alive.. it knows when I'm about to walk past and shouts at me. Very grateful to mum and dad for that one.. I'm left wondering what childhood sins I'm still paying for...

My bestest bestest present, and one that made me consider taking K back, was my dishwasher. It's being fitted tomorrow and I cannot wait. Washing up begone. You have no place in this house anymore..

New Year... Was spent alone. Well half alone. Lal was in bed. To celebrate the advent of 2009, I pressed start on the tumble dryer.. never let it be said that my life lacks excitement! K had taken G to New York to see her cousin - she got back today, went on Tuesday. Absolutely loves it there.. and fits in well with her gangsta ghetto speech style. I spent most of the time she was away trying to work out whether they were 9 hours ahead or behind us. Never did manage it.

Oh, oh.. big news. Nappies. I've become addicted again. Most of my online time now is spent trawling second hand nappy sites, desperate to get a bargain. I have 13 nappies due to arrive in the next few days and I can only remember what 6 of them are. At one point, between Christmas and New Year, I accidentally ordered two lots of the same nappy twice. I mean literally the same, colour style, everything. But with the second hand sites.. you can be sure that there is another mother out there who is equaly as obsessed.. and she will buy them!

And the other big news is that I have a date on Saturday night. I am being taken out for a meal. I'm dating! Of course, I'm dating K, so I know all there is to know about him, but new year, new start. I've decided to give it 3 months. Well date, talk, yadda yadda yadda, and see if there is any chance of marital salvage. If not.. then we're done, but I think 16 years together deserves one more chance before we just give up. No matter what went on.

And the FINAL piece of big news... Lal can now say frog! You know how much of a relief that is. No more swearing at shop keepers.

Got to go.. have to check the nappy sites again, and do my little dance of joy that in 12 hours G will be back at school. And in 36, so will Lal. Happy New Year everyone.

K xx

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