Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Parenting Tips

Q: How do you know when your toddler's nails need cutting?

A: To confirm this, do a quick test... If, when your toddler scratches his nails on the kitchen table, it leaves claw marks.. the scissors may need to be used...


Q: Do you find that it is difficult to find one thing that will amuse both your toddler and teenager?

A: No.. Not really. Most teenagers will revel in the chance to pretend they are 2 again. As long as they can be given as much money as possible. At any time.



K x


Jo said...

LMAO @ G. She's fab!

O.O at Lal's fingernail scratches! He got some tough nails there!

Fi said...

Tips noted
To do list 2-5-09
cut all nails on children
check table for damage!!

Love fi xx

Cadiva said...

I tend to use the - if child gently strokes your face, do you get scratched - as a tip that I might have to get the clippers out!

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