Thursday, 22 January 2009

Don't let the door hit you on the way out..

So, I took Lal to heaven nursery this morning. Excited squeal started as we got to our front door. He now runs outside to get to the car, and attempts to climb in through the metal. All the while chanting "scool scool.." Got him there, changed his shoes to indoor shoes, took off his coat.. whilst he ran into his room. Hugged air and stood in the dooway to sign him in. He looked at me and said "Bye.." I didn't move as I was waiting for the sign in sheet. He looked at me, stamped his feet and said "Bye. Bye" I still didn't move. He looked at me, said "BYE" walked towards me and slammed the door shut on my head. Literally. I had a mark. Parental abuse that is. I heard one of the nursery staff promise to sign him in, through the shut door. Nice hey? He loves me so much. Pfft. That's the last time I give birth (Oh dear God, I hope so..)

Picked him up at 12, he went to each of his keyworkers and said, "Bye.. nice time." And disappeared off again in search of home. Still no luck with any form of pencil to paper action, but he has started looking at the snacks the other children get. They only give them pieces of fruit.. Lal won't eat that, so has to take Gingerbread men in from home. That's my boy *sigh*

Other than that.. nothing today. Had to sign the forms for G to go away for the weekend with cadets. It's some form of Basic Training.. if she passes a weekend without hair straighteners and make up, I think she becomes a fully fledged Cadet. Not to sure of her chances to be honest.. She's started coming home from school with her eyes so painted with kohl, she can barely see. It's an attractive look.. and one she's not allowed to leave the house with.. Coming home with it is apparently ok.

And finally.. ahh.. my nappies. I photographed some last night. Please forget that I had another full load in the washing machine and a few drying. These are just my pretty ones.. I *think* I have a problem. Do they do a form of NappiesAnonymous? Would I have to attend weekly meetings?


And Lal.. in his new Wool Longies. He wears a normal fitted nappy underneath, no wrap.. cos the wool is waterproof


I really do have a problem.. ah well. K xx

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