Friday, 30 January 2009

If I had three wishes..

Wishes? Depends what day you ask me..

Today they would be:

  1. That this damn cold would go away. It's the third one since December. I know I provide a hospitable environment for them, what with the red weeping nose, the sore chapped lips, and end stage lung cancer sufferes cough.. but I'm fed up with it. And I'm spending a fortune in tissues. (ooh, the antibacterial ones are good... if a little slimy)

  2. That G could move past the completely horrible, rude, ignorant, hair jutting out of the side of her head (80's style) gangsta-esque, wanna be street walker style of dressing, teenagerhood. Before I make her live in the attic where she can learn ballet, eat poisoned donuts and sleep with her same age brother. (Not that she has one.. but points if you guessed the book)

  3. That Lal would stay this age for a while - albeit learn to talk properly, eat properly and not keep trying to eat the television. He's very cute and I like being with him at the moment.

  4. In between the 2nd and 3rd wish there was a wish for more wishes. The final ones would include the obligatory world peace, end to famine and strife, that I'd win a huge lotto jackpot.(Wished I could win the lottery last week.. got £10.. must learn to be more specific..God is just toying with me now..) And as I just read Lynda's journal.. That Jack from Lost would finally realise that his home is here with me..

(Love the new look BC.. it's fancy. Only time will tell if my formatting will remain the same after I hit post though...)

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