Wednesday, 21 January 2009

It's a bit early..

I've been so tired ever night that I haven't had the energy to blog for the last week. Don't know what the matter with me is. I'm just hoping that I'm not super fertile and won't be suffering the after effects of my drunken date with K for the next 9 months. Oops. So, I'm not thinking about that. Not at all.

I got a phone call yesterday from Hushy.. she's done it.. has booked the flights for her and all her children and husband to come to stay with me for their summer holiday. 1st of August, my house of three will become a house of nine for 5 days. I'm very excited.

But then the Monica in me came out. By 2pm yesterday I had bought paint for the redecoration required. Because, you know, can't expect her to stay in a non freshly painted house. I bought a couple of camp beds for her boys to sleep on. I got the travel cot down from the loft for Millie and for a brief moment I started emptying drawers in G's bedroom so that Devon has somewhere to unpack her things. Hushy and her dh will be sleeping in my room, so I need a new mattress.. mine is old and uncomfortable.. and Lal and Millie will share. They'll only be 2.5, it'll be fine.

It was when I was in Tesco, with nappies for Millie in my trolley, and Hushy's number half dialled on my phone (wanted to ask what snacks the boys liked) that I realised that I have 7 months before they get here.

Yep, 7 months. I *think* I could leave it a week or two before I start the preparations in earnest. That doesn remind me that I really do need to sort the garden out so they boys have somewhere to play football without impaling themselves on a dying rose... If only the stupid knee deep frost would go...

I definitely need to win the lottery so I can get started on the extension on the back of the house... Of course if I won the lottery I might cancel this holiday and book us all on flights to DisneyWorld.. or somewhere with sun and a beach. And a Children's Club. And long tall glasses of alcohol. If I can still drink by then.

So.. just a little excerpt from my mind, and how it works. Scary huh?


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