Friday, 9 January 2009

The Science Experiment

A bit of a nothing day today really. Lal woke up at 7, went to nursery at 9.. I poddled (is that a word) on the computer for a while until I could put off cleaning no more. I now have a shiningly sparkling clean home. Or I did until they both came home and messed it up again.

As I got to the nursery, the staff informed me that Lal was tired and had sort of flaked onto the floor. As I entered the room, sure enough, he was lying there, spreadeagled.. with his fingers up his nose. Lovely. That's my boy. A model of decorum and manners.

We got home and he took himself off to bed. No lunch, nothing. He then slept for 3 hours and 26 minutes. Honestly.. by two my nerves were getting frazzled and the dread of what would happen tonight was killing me. I even tried rehoovering his room in an effort to wake him.. nothing doing.

It's 10.55 and he went to bed 25 minutes ago. And I'm now exhausted.

What else did I learn today?

Ooh.. a good one. You know that I am a neat freak with slob tendancies? You know, everything perfect and neat on the outside, but open a cupboard and you're likely to be crushed in the deluge of stuff that falls out.. that thing. Well my car is an extension of that cupboard. I keep looking at the 14 socks that are in there and keep meaning to take them out.. but it's cold, so they can wait until summer. My point.. I did have one.

Ah yes, in the bit between the passenger and drivers chair, there is a cup holder. About a week before Christmas, I got the children and me a Drive Through MacDonalds. G ordered a lemonade and put it in the cup holder. It's still there. It's now a very important science project. Did you know that within 3 weeks MacDonalds lemonade will eat through the paper cup and seep out to fill a cupholder? I didn't.. but everytime I go round a roundabout, I get slightly wet. *Must* remember to take that out tomorrow.

And the final thought for tonight.. a little treat. Lal made a phone call earlier.. to 123.. just ring them yourself and see who answers.. it's lovely. Honestly. And then tell me if it's possibly the last person you ever thought would answer.

I'm off to soak in a hot bath and try to forget that Lal was up for three hours past his normal bedtime..

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