Friday, 15 May 2009

Too much Tv?

Lal has only just gone to bed again. My fault.. I allowed a 15 minute nap. I say "allowed" .. I actually made a cup of tea, turned round to check on him and discovered him asleep on the kitchen floor. He finally went to sleep tonight at 11.15. Far better than last night's 2.30 I suppose.

G has decided that the CVS jab contains a live cancer "bug" (because cancer is now a bug apparently) and has spent the last two days off school. Yes, her arm is still paralysed. Well it was until 6.30 when it and she made a miraculous recovery and was able to go to Cadets. She has passed all her first exams for it now, and is an official Cadet. One who *needs* a "95 shirt" to go with her camo trousers. It took an hour for me to discover that a 95 shirt is a camo shirt that was brought out in 1995. Not a special design or anything.. she could have told me, but that would be too easy for her.

And finally,as I'm shattered (and am "on" so have a hot water bottle on my tummy.. currently super heating my jeans button.. I should move it) I sort of semi worry about Lal's lack of proper speech. Although he has lots of word endings, they aren't really understandable to anyone but me. The health visitor wants him to see a speech therapist and I am to tell her if he makes any meaningfl progress in the meantime. (Pfft.. ignoring all that..)

I wonder if she'd be impressed with tonight's offerings...

*Lal runs through to kitchen from sitting room*
"Mama.. mama" deep breathe, look of intense concentration... " Carphone Warehouse.. seven teen five teen pee cent"
" Wow Lal, that's a good deal..."
*Lal runs back to sitting room.. only to appear 2 minutes later*
"Mama... Miss Lellie Kelly.."
"Want new shoes sweetie?"
*Back to tv, back to me again*
"Mama.. mama.. Cillit Bang all GONE" *claps hands* "Well done"

*sigh* The child can only speak in adverts. Does that mean he watches too much tv?

Oh, and just to shamelessly brag.. he can read most three letter words.. recognise all upper and lowercase letters, and can count to "two twenty one teen. "


G, on the other hand, can't pick an empty packet of crisps up off the floor because of her paralysed arm.

K x

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