Friday, 8 May 2009

Disco night..

G has a school disco tonight. Somehow, despite her being grounded for using the phone for 3 hours*, she is there. She also seems to have a friend staying over for the night. That child can wrap her father round her little finger. *sigh*

We had the usual angst of no clothes, hair that won't go the right way, tights with ladders in them. I only interferred once. She likes the clumpy mascara look. Usually, I find a way to subdue her and forcibily remove it.. tonight I merely suggested that she remove a little.. as she had a very fetching "blink" line on the top of her eyelids. She sulked and told me that I know nothing. I expected that.

The friend is lovely, a little quiet in front of me, but then my endless sarcasm and largely successful attempts at embarrassment can be a little wearing after a while.

G is 13 now, and somehow, far more grown up that I was at that age. Frankly, it scares me.. so for dinner we had takeaway. Pizza to be exact.. with a double order of garlic bread. That should put off any potential suitors. *insert devil emote*

So. They are at the disco, I need to collect them at 9.30. They will then stay up all night talking, be told 42 times to shh and finally be threatened with execution if they wake Lal. My plan is to stalk various websites in the hope that I can spend some money that I don't have. And watch TV.


* OMG.. did I not mention this? I went upstairs on Sunday night to make sure she was in bed and asleep.. only to discover her on the phone.. to a BOY! The same boy she had her first ever date with last year. The display on the phone read 03:13.. meaning that she had been on the phone fpr OVER THREE HOURS.. and the best bit? TO A MOBILE. Oh, there was shouting in our house on Sunday night.


Ms M said...

She needs to read The Rules. Never be on the phone to a man you like for more than 10 minutes.....

Cadiva said...

I still think you should have made her clean the stair carpets with a toothbrush