Tuesday, 10 February 2009

25 things you didn't know

about me! This is doing the rounds at the moment.. and I have no exciting life news to share yet, so thought it would do the job for tonight. (Oh.. will just say, weekend of relaxation and pj time was a bust. Lal had violently sicky tummy bug. Only wanted mummy. Daddy can go jump in a frozen lake when Lal wants mummy. They came home at 2pm on Saturday. G was almost refused entry back *into* the country as customs decided that they needed a letter from me. No idea why.. I thought the point would be that they wouldn't let her out...)


  1. My first name is actually Anna. But with my surname, I chose to use my middle name. It's so I don't get confused with a certain sex shop.

  2. My married name and maiden name is the same. I didn't marry my brother though.. he's not any relation at all.

  3. I get childishly happy when I'm driving and it's raining and I go under a bridge. Just for the 3 second silence inbetween the rain starting...... and stopping.

  4. I truly believed that my dad's car had voice activated windscreen wipers. He'd say "Wipe windscreen wiper.. Wipe" and it would. When I bought my first car, I asked the salesman if the voice activation came as standard.

  5. No matter how hot it is, I'm always cold.. so constantly wear my dressing gown over my clothes.

  6. My brothers still call me Clock and Cakey. Apparently I couldn't say Chocolate or Katie. They think it's cute. It's not.

  7. I used to play netball at County level. I then started smoking.

  8. According to G (who went to my old school for a hockey match) I still hold the 100m record.

  9. I'm only up to number 9 and I can't think of anything else.

  10. Since K and I split up, I haven't been able to sleep upstairs, so have a bed that is disguised as a sofa in the playroom. Usually fall asleep on the sofa though.

  11. I am addicted to Lost and regularly fantasise that Jack will appear and ask me to marry him.

  12. I'd do it too.

  13. I suffered from anorexia in my teens, and still struggle with food now. Unless super stressed I manage to maintain a healthy weight though.

  14. I cannot knit, sew or mend anything to save my life. My school friends tried for two years to teach me how to make frienship bracelets, but I could never do it.

  15. I once got my foot stuck down a drain in Austria and had to but cut out by the fire brigade.

  16. I broke my collar bone throwing a rounders ball.

  17. I'm extremely accident prone.

  18. I was the only child out of my "gang" who had enough stupidity courage to ride my BMX over Stinging Nettle Hill. (It was basically a mound that was covered in stinging nettles.)

  19. Dock leaves don't work. And the itchingly painful bumps don't go down for days. Neither did the slap that my mum gave me for being such an idiot.

  20. I had an Austin Mini named Kenneth that nearly killed me on at least three occasions. (The front wheel fell off when I went round a roundabout, the petrol leaked out the back as I was driving home - I was smoking and had no idea where to throw my cigarette.. you can't outrun petrol you know.. and the only way to get into the back/passenger side was to climb in throught the driver's door)

  21. Oh God... 4 more to go.

  22. I'm very easily distracted. I started writing this at 9pm, it's now 11.53.

  23. Whilst on our honeymoon, I had to make a choice between saving our camera from falling off a boat or my cigarettes. The cigarettes won. K never forgave me.

  24. I only drink diet coke (caffeine free at the moment) or Tetley tea. And I have 3.5 to 4 sugars (depending on the mug size)

  25. Last one.. woohoo.. I love watching The Biggest Loser, So You Think You Can Dance.. all the rubbish reality programmes, but can't stand Big Brother.

There! All done.

K x

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