Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The sound..

Last night, at 11.30, I was sitting a relaxing and buying nappies when I heard the sound. A cross between a giggle and a hello. The sound that strikes terror into the very core of me. I ignored it and continued drinking my tea. And then there was the thump. And a bang. And a little boy came downstairs, head first.. with his Winnie the pooh laptop in his hand. Although I tried to ignore it, the laptop was turned on.. the noises started, and the alphabet was suddenly being quoted. I still tried ignoring it, only to be told "watch mama, now" and saw the laptop being hurled towards me out of the corner of my eye.

And then the television was turned on. Did you know that at midnight a two year old will find CSI Vegas absolutely fascinating and hilarious? I can only hope the Autopsy scenes haven't scarred him for life, or turned him into a future serial killer. He did love watching the heart explode though..

And (again) why are children so much cleverer at night? Throughout the day, Lal is fairly silent in terms of advancement and words, he'll just muddle through, but at bedtime and middle of the night wakings he's a veritable font of ingenuity and brilliance.

He kept faking going back to bed, carrying his bean bag upstairs, lying on it and say "night" but never with any real intention of sleeping. he, of course, found this hilarious too, and everytime I kissed him and tucked him back in bed, he'd just giggle, roll over, tell me he was cute and come back downstairs.

I eventually gave in at 2 and took him to bed with me, where I spent the entire night fighting for control of the duvet and mattress. He likes to turn sideways, curled up in the foetal position.. lull me into falling asleep, and then extend his legs and push me onto the floor. I'm exhausted, he's at school and I'm considering leaving him there.

And now to the help. I am clueless. Well yes, but this time it's about children's parties. Sorry teenager's parties. G turns 13 on feb 21st and she hasn't had a proper party since she was 7. Several theatre trips with friends, swimming trips, that sort of thing.. but she would like something a bit more special now she's going to be a proper teenager. I have looked into hiring our parish hall, but that will cost £75 for the night, £275 for a disco man.. and that doesn't even include food, cake, decorations and her presents.. I'm a bit crunched at the moment, so can't really afford to spend that sort of money. It's likely to be £1000 by the time I'm done.. insert shocked smiley that denotes heart attack here...

Can anyone please help as to what a 13 year old would consider a suitable celebration? I'm not having anything here. House isn't equipped to handle 30 teenagers, and to be frank, neither am I. G's only suggestion is going to the underage night at a local nightclub. I don't think I need to tell you my response to that!

Any help gratefully received.

An exhausted,

Katie x

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