Friday, 6 February 2009

One down..

I can't wait for this weekend to arrive properly. G has gone away again. I swear, that child has more of a social life at 12 than I have had ever. She's gone to Belguim for the weekend to see her friend. Oh, the friend's dad has the best job ever.. he works for the Commonwealth Graves Commission, so gets transferred all over the world to make sure they are all kept properly. I'd love to do that. Anyway.. I distracted myself. So, G's gone. She took at least 4 different outfits, hair straighteners and 201 songs on her mobile, so she should be fine. She'll be back on Sunday at 6.

Lal is also disappearing off tomorrow to do fun Daddy type things for the weekend, so I'll be all alone. Except for the fish and the cat. Who are all trying my patience with their refusal to die. Seriously. I am not an animal hater to all animals. Just the ones that live here. Poppy has decided that it's too cold to go outside to poo, so her place of preference is the front door mat. Only badly brought up cats use the litter tray apparently.

So... my plans for this weekend: (*crosses fingers that formatting will work this time..*)

  • Talk on MSN until 2am again, like I did last night, but without the pressure to be up and dressed for 7

  • Wave goodbye to Lal at 10.30

  • Have long hot bath, read book in bath, wash hair

  • Get into clean pyjamas

  • Put on dressing gown

  • Move laptop to sofa and watch Sky plussed programmes/ bc surf all day.

  • Repeat above point for evening

  • And night

  • Sunday... exactly as above..without the waving off of Lal

  • Get dressed at 5.55, just before everyone gets home

  • Sulk when they are all late and grumble that I could have stayed in my pj's for hours more.

Sounds brilliantly productive doesn't it? I can't wait.

K x

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