Thursday, 12 February 2009

'leep time? Kay..

When was it decided that it's a good idea to teach children to share? Who had the brainwave one day? Give me his name (it was bound to be a man) and I'll kill him.

I'm ill. The sicky bug that enveloped the children has opened its arms and included me. I can't quite remember much about last night and most of today.. I'm sure I spent a long time getting to know Messrs Armitage and Shanks though.

G woke this morning utterly refreshed, but still unable to attend school (damn the 24 hour rule) She is definitely going back tomorrow though - it's the last day to buy tickets for the school disco on Friday night and she absolutely *can't* miss that. Social suicide apparently.

Lal stayed home from nursery as well. Mainly because I couldn't move well enough to get him there. He's been fine all day, nothing wrong with him at all. His diet has now varied as well. He will now only eat yogurt and gingerbread men. I think it's something to do with what came back up. He longer trusts the cereal bars and carrots not to poison him. Great. *sigh*

Ah yes. I forgot to mention a while ago that Lal sleeps in a Thomas the Tank Engine bed now. A toddler sized one for toddler sized people. He has for a while. But he's not realised (cos he's a bit slow) that there are no bars, and he can escape at will. I first discovered that this morning. He'd obviously been hungry in the night and come downstairs for a snack. Yep. The gingerbread man packet was under his pillow. My fault for not shutting his door fully.. and for not realising that two year old need midnight snacks.

He had a long nap today. Again my fault, I fell asleep too. So, somewhat hopefully, I put him in bed at 10. We had this conversation for the next hour..

Me: Bed time baby.

Lal: Bed? 'kay..

Me: Night night

Lal: Nah Night, 'kay..

Me: Sleep time.. sleep nicely..

Lal: Amen?

Me: No baby, we did Amen already.. now it's time for sleepy bye byes.

Lal: Leep time nice. Nah Night.

**leaves room and goes downstairs**

**hears Winnie laptop turn on through baby monitor**

**Goes back upstairs**

Me: No Lal. Not now. Winnie is tired and it's bed time..

Lal: Bed? 'kay

Repeat from step one. For an hour.

I'm putting the cot back up in the morning.

K x

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