Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The sick call..

Just a quick one before I disappear back to the San. for the rest of the day..

Lal's bug doesn't seem to be going away. He is playing the tragic hero to the hilt and loves the fact that illness seems to signify more dummy time.

Morning was going well.. I was in and out of the house (bin day.. had 4000 recycling things that hadn't been sorted. I sort of heard the phone, but didn't rush to get it. The marvels of 1471 (when will I consider that *not* new, btw?) means I can call people back.

Just sat down to my cup of tea when it rang again..

Hello.. can I speak to Mrs S please?


Hi.. it's the nurse from SJP school.. we have been trying to call you for an hour.. we have your daughter G here.

(with trepidation and no small amount of guilt) Oh?

Yes, she's got a high temperature, has been very sick and is shaking.

Nooooooo.. not another one. Can you keep her there?

Umm (voice goes quiet as she wonders whether I'm serious) Actually, we'd rather you came to pick her up.

Are you sure? I've already got one sick one and having another here would radically raise the probability of me coming down with it.And I really really hate sick. It makes me sick and I hate it. Please keep her.. I'm begging you.

Ok. Fine. I'll be there as soon as possible.

Put dressing gown and socks on Lal and sped to the school. Of course the world and his car had decided that they found the swollen and burst it's banks river fascinating and had slowed down to watch.. so the traffic was a nightmare.

Collected G. She looks like a ghost and can't stop shivering. 6 times on the way back she was sick in the car. I did find a bag for the 5 times, but the first now needs cleaning up. She tried to aim for out the window, but her vomiting precision is not as good as her shooting.

Lal decided that the best thing for him to do to divert attention away from G was to alternate being sick with screaming about the "raffic.... no cars. MOVE"

My car smells nice. I need to win the lottery now.. am considering scrapping this car and just buying a new one rather than cleaning it out. I hate sick. *shudders*

And I now hear the needy whining ones. Smashing.

K x

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