Tuesday, 12 May 2009

From whine to wine..

I have nothing good to say tonight. Nothing. Lal has done nothing but whinge and whine and whinge and whine all day long. It's almost as if he resents me turning the laptop off and actually playing with him.

I shall break it down a little. He woke up, he whined. He got dressed, he whinged. He went to school.. he laughed, danced, clapped and sang. He came home from school, he whinged. All day. For every minute of said day.

By 6, he was exhausted.. he's not been well the last couple of days (ah yes.. he doesn't know how to tell the nursery people that he's been ill.. so informed them upon arrival that he had "bad cough".. he didn't.. but he's male and needs the attention. He then fake coughed for effect.) and so went to bath and bed at 6.30.

I was in the middle of my dance of joy, when G started moaning and whining and whinging. She has tummy ache. She had the third CVS jab at school today, so her right arm is paralysed. Yes. Paralysed. She physically *cannot* carry her school bag upstairs or pick her clothes up off the floor. I looked up the side effects online and showed her that laziness isn't listed. Nonetheless, she is doing the dying swan thing on the sofa. She thinks that she "can manage" to eat some fish fingers, banana and whipped cream and toffee popcorn (no, not all at once) if I make them for her. She doesn't think she can manage anything healthy though. The paralysis prevents it.

So. My day. Of whinge, whine and something else beginning with "w" so I can alliterate. I know. Wine. I shall finish it off with wine.

K x


Mishaps of a Muddled Mum said...

LMAO... hope today is better. And G is forbidden to tell J about the jabs because J is thisclose to saying meh, I'll take the cervical cancer over being attacked with sharp pointy needle three times.

Maybe you should adminster the wine to the whiny, to stop the whining and win a window of wonder*. Unless that would make you wince. Wink.

*Just shut up, it's 10am and my brain isn't awake enough to think of something better.

Mishaps of a Muddled Mum said...



Katie said...

Because I couldn't find the page to change it!

(G still dying btw.. unable to attend school)

And well worded woman.. wonderful! :D