Sunday, 17 May 2009

What do you see?

Nothing much to report today. It rained a lot. There were many tantrums, from all of us. Lal is still not asleep as he repeated his falling asleep on the tv trick (8 minutes this time) G is still not tidying her room or feeding the cat. And I am about to go and watch the last episode of Lost. *stops to imagine Jack for a minute*

A couple of things though. I have decided to try to lose my lifelong inability to do anything crafty.. and have attempted to knit. And purl. It took me 8 hours straight, but I managed this:

It's pretty pathetic so far.. but already, in my head, I have decided that I am now an expert and this warrants me buying ever more expensive wool (that will sit in a dark cupboard forever more after next week. And in a few months that cupboard will become a no go area in case it reminds me of wasted money) - Oh.. it's a semi scarf in case you couldn't tell. With a stripe. Just one mind.

And the second thing?.. Umm, oh yes. We made pancakes for lunch. G has asked that people (you know, the billions who read this *sigh*) guess what shapes she could see..Photobucket (I see Snoopy at the top)

Photobucket (a drowning dog.. just managing to keep his head above pancake.. )

These pancakes amused her for hours. She is very disappointed that she only managed to eat 6. With whipped cream, sugar and lemon. 6.

K x


Louise said...

Now why, when I want to eat mine with onion gravy, do people think I'm weird?

Katie said...

Because that is just plain disgusting? :D

Evelyn said...

I want pancakes now!!

You need to get some circular needles and then all you have to do is knit ;-)

Bibs N Bots said...

You can't start knitting ;o! you will put all those woolly wahms out of business. Why not send me some of your wool and I will make some thing for Lal ? ;D