Monday, 11 May 2009

Who needs men?

It's a question I often ask myself.. especially after all the problems K and I have had. I can usually do most things around the house. I can paint, fill holes.. fish toys out of the toilet. I can hoover spiders. Remove things from the loft. Build bookcases from the flat pack hell place.
I even made our boring plain wood wardrobe doors into masterpieces by gluing cornicing type stuff on them. (Ok.. so I can do it.. doesn't mean I have to actually know the technical names)

And if I can't do things I can bodge them so they look semi done. For example:

  1. Cat flap door broke - I created a new one from the lid of a pizza box and a drawing pin. Cat could only come in through it.. but I left the window open for her to go out.
  2. Baby proofed larder door - Piece of ribbon in the shutty bit.. Lost tops of fingers a few times, but it worked.
  3. Dog chewed corner of wallpaper (the chunky wallpaper) off at the top of the stairs - crumpled A4 (several sheets) and a coat of paint and you can only tell when you look at it.
Things like that. I can do that.

Today, K bought Lal a trike. With parent handle. He is away (it was delivered today, bought last week) and I decided that I could assemble it myself. I think I did an excellent job. It took me a few hours longer than planned. But most of that time was spent looking for a spanner and a thingy head screwdriver. Again, I did an excellent job. Look at it in all it's glory..


Fine. So Lal was riding it when the wheel fell off. But that is part of the triking experience.

I say again. Who needs men?

K x


Louise said...

Katie, I love reading about your world, it never fails to bring a smile to my face.
Hope Lal didn't get too bruised in the wheel incident!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree! You go girl!!