Wednesday, 5 March 2008


And so to today! Not so bad really. I took Lal to be weighed for the first time in nearly three months, which is remarkable as up until August he was going weekly. I realise that you are all thinking that I'm neurotic. But in my defense, he lost so much when he was tiny, and was such a pernickty eater.. ok.. I'm a worrywart. Anyway.. he weighed in at a whopping 23lb! No wonder I have backache. We are now making a concerted effort with the walking, I have informed him that the calipers are on order should he refuse to comply.

I haven't done a list for a while... so in listed form, here are today's injuries:

  1. ME : Walked into table, mid thigh (bear in mind I am 5'2"): 17 second swearing... damage, lovely bruise.
  2. LAL: Fell off shelf (see yesterday's pic) and hit head: 45 second cry.. damage, none.
  3. ME: Shut corner of car door on shoulder ... tears in eyes... damage, little red gouge.
  4. LAL: Decided to strop on kitchen floor, threw himself back, hit head on table leg... 60 second cry.. damage.. little lump.
  5. LAL: No idea what happened.. but he has a black eye. Oops. No cry time for that one.
  6. LAL: Welcomed G home from school by collapsing into heap on floor.. hit somewhere.. 15 second cry, damage none.
  7. K failed to realise I had forgotten to shut eye level cupboard door and stood up into it, 60 second swear.. damage, large lump
G, bless her, has realised that my clumsy days are contagious, so has stayed in her room all night. She says that if she leaves something will happen. I just went in to check she had finished her homework and trod on her hand. Oops.

Ah.. on the cooking front, I made the carrot, courgette and stuff croquettes. They weren't a success either. Lal cried at the taste. Why can't I cook? I can read recipes.. I have the ingredients.. I must have some fault, something that just doesn't let me create food from recipes. It just doesn't. I mean, I even had to ring my mum and ask her how to saute. Why can't they just say, fry in oil.. a medium sized amount of oil.. Why? And don't get me started on how you are supposed to FOLD sponge mixtures.. you fold PAPER not flour and eggs.

I shall go, before the rant gets worse. And I still have to tidy up the kitchen. Say what you will about ready meals, they don't leave a bombsite on your worktops.

K x x

(Actually..I don't do ready meals either. Everyone just gets boring chicken breasts and boiled potatoes.. I can't even cook as well as a 40's housewife. 40's due to rationing.. I'm sure without that they'd have been wonderful! lol)

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