Sunday, 23 March 2008

What's in a name?

Sorry for awolness again. For some reason SN decided it hated me and refused access permanently. I also discovered the joys of Webcam, seriously addictive. As is my newfound need for constant make up due to webcam! Think K thinks I'm having an affair..

Anyway, I'll do better.. and now to the subject at hand - What's in a name? Rose, sweet, blah blah.
I've already discussed the naming of my monsters.. so I'll go for family names. Like Aldee (Hey Donna.. damn SN.. I'm back to boring you senseless now!) I cannot bear the "fashion names." Or the current trend for making them more fancy by refusing to spell them properly. ie instead of y - although thinking about it, I don't really like names that end in Y either.

As some of you know.. my dh is called Kit. Which is a ridiculous name, it's a girl's name really. But.. his given name is Christopher Robin (Yep - he has one of those parents) Why anyone would do that to a child, I have no idea, she may as well have added a Winnie and left it at that. He hates the name Chris, or Topher (Gopher) so settled upon Kit. It suits him.. sort of, a less girlish boy there never was.

I have brothers, Ian Charles, Nicholas Paul, James Edward and Thomas Richard. Perfectly good names, nothing wrong with that. My father, who I adore and so desperately wanted to call Lal after, is Roger Denis. There is no way I would do that to my child. Just none. His father was Denis Arthur, so I may use the Arthur as a mn at some point if we ever do decide to try for number three.

As I said before, Alice and Mary feature prominently on the female side of my family, my mum is Aileen Mary.. which has proven impossible for anyone to say for the last 60 odd years. They see the Initial A and immediately pronounce it Eileen.(eyeleen) Why? Does everyone suffer from a mass dyslexia when reading that name? Drives me crazy that one.

Nieces and Nephews.. we have:
Jonathon Michael (Jonty)
Harrison Daniel (Harry really.. but he wouldn't call him Henry which is the true real name of Harry)
Katherine Emma (Katie)
Charles Edward (Charlie)
Oliver Daniel
Abbey Louise (Yep.. you read that right... Abbey.. not Abigail, child is named after Westminster - not surprising.. her mother is Pia and comes from Southend.. )
Alfred George (Alfie... but truly English to satisfy Nick's pride in his country)
Edward James (Teddy)
Jessica Mae (Why did everyone suddenly add Mae to middle names..there's an epidemic) Eleanor Rose (gracefully from the chair..)
Georgina Mary Alice (my one.. perfect name! lol )
Alexander James (far too Scottish for very English brother - tried mentioning the Greek roots.. not impressed)

Now again, repeating myself, but I didn't set out to shorten my children's name. I hate doing that. But Georgina is now Georgia, Jogs, Pa or Chicken, and Alexander succumbed to the Lal, Lally, Lamb Chop and Boo.

One of the main reasons I can't think of having another is that all the good names are taken, especially if I had a boy.. there are no names left!

Back tonight for daily updates!

K x x

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