Friday, 14 March 2008

Waited on!

A nice surprise tonight. K got home at 4 with no warning at all. No, he hadn't been fired, he just wanted to surprise me and cook my dinner for a change. Aww.. bless. Well. sort of.
He looked after the children, gave Lal his tea (damn child ate it all.. why will he not do that for me?) he even bathed the monster and put him to bed. I've been made redundant!

For tea, he decided to make his speciality, Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice. We don't go for fancy meals here, that is as exotic as we get. Dinner, lovely, etc etc etc. I went into the kitchen afterwards to find 2cm worth of rice burnt to the bottom of the pan. I'm not complaining, honestly.. but it was the only pan that the steamer things fit on. Yes, the steamer that I failed to fill with enough water and so burnt the actual pan it came with. I improvised. Reading that back, I've just realised that we are both as bad as each other. Chefs we'll never be.

Anyway. Yes, pampered. He probably only did it so I'd stay off the pc tonight.. but I can't bear to think of what I'd miss. BC must take responsibility for so much!

So.. to the children. G got off to school fine, minimal trauma and disruption. She just forgot her absence note, so I had to run after her in my dressing gown before she got the bus. I trod on a stone midrun and had to oddly hop the rest of the way. Why does that hurt so much?

Lal has been a little less monstrous today. Apart from getting the vegetable oil out of the cupboard and creating another skating rink. (K's fault for not putting it on the correct shelf) And a brief return to the toilet obsession, by putting two new toilet rolls down there. Not so bad, but I had a mini panic when I got them out and stood in the bathroom for ages trying to work out what to do with them, whilst water dripped down my arm. I threw them out the window in the end. Which reminds me.. I must get them into the bin.. Ooh.. I did win a set of 4 teletubbies on ebay for £1.50! And now I need never brave the loft and its evil flying inhabitants again!
And now to G. My super intelligent child. No really. As she had two sick days this week, she has to make up her missed exams. She will have to sit them during the lesson that the exam would cover.. does that make sense? Science lesson = science exam! So.. today was Science (hence the example! lol) and she sat the paper. Or half the paper because the teacher gave her the wrong one. She has to finish it on Tuesday. Excellent, said I, you'll be able to revise properly this weekend because you know all the questions.. Did it occur to her at all to read the questions? Think that she could up her grade by doing extra revision? Did it heck.. she can't even remember the questions she did answer. Genius child, obviously. She's got the sense of a dead flea. Or a gnat.

So that's my day. Nothing much, a little surprise and a daft child. No changes there then!

I am off to plan what weekend adventures we will have. I've got as far as, If the weather is good I can put the washing on the line instead of in the tumble dryer. Fun, no?

K x x

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