Saturday, 8 March 2008

Washing and more washing

Worry alert again.

Lal has not been eating this week. Anything thicker than yogurt or fruit puree has been immediately sicked back up. Wonderful. At least I know its not my cooking.. he must actually be ill.
I even took him to the doctors, he may have a virus as his glands are up and he has red ears, but it equally could be nothing and he just delights in frightening me. I'm going for the latter. He's a child of mine after all.

And then today. I had such plans. I was going to have my first day off, no children to look after, no house to tidy, my first since Lal was born. It started well.. I woke at 9.45. K had both the children, they were up, dressed. One had had a nappy change,. one had had a clothes change. Apparently K took exception to the too small T Shirt G was wearing. I think it was the sound of her bedroom door slamming that woke me. And they had both been fed. K was smirking because Lal had kept his breakfast down, and rubbing it in that Lal obviously prefers him. No probs.. give up work and I'll start earning the money. That soon shut him up. Men.

And then it started. It began with a cough, and ended with a stream of regurgitated Ready Brek. All down my dressing gown. Marvellous. Baby changed, the baby who only wanted Mummy and screamed blue murder if I moved more that 2 foot away from him. All day.
Sadly, the sicky problems went on all day, even a sip of water came straight back up. I was not panicking. I was not thinking that the PS had returned. I was not thinking that he had the Rota (or whatever it is) virus. I wasn't at all... I wasn't even thinking that he had a lump in his throat that was preventing him from swallowing. Nope, not at all.

Anyway.. sick continued, I now have 8 machine loads to do. And to dry. And to iron. Oh the joy. Lal is finally in a peaceful sleep. Very ill, but peaceful. But not so ill that he couldn't eat 2 slices of toast and drink two bottles of milk over an hour.

They all do it to try me.

So much for the day off.. I am determined to try again tomorrow. K doesn't know it yet though.

K x x

And something I meant to say yesterday.. I had a knicker problem all day. The damn things kept falling down. It wasn't pleasant. Until about 10.30pm, when I realised that I had been wearing G's. Grrr

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