Sunday, 30 March 2008

The Killing Hour

It's 8pm, but the clock says 9pm and I'm exhausted. Why do they have to change? I like it being actual time, I can't cope with having to work put what time it actually is (ie was yesterday) for weeks after the event. It hurts. And I don't know why I have to do it, I just do.
I have whole conversations based on "This time yesterday it was only 5pm, and now look, it's 6..." Yes, I do drive everyone crazy whilst I do it, it's the sheer injustice of the missing hour I think.
Of course, I am blaming today's illness and exhaustion on the hour change, and not the discovery of Yahoo Messenger which allows you to actually talk to and see as many people as you want through the magic of webcams and speakers. I've discovered a whole new world. It's filled with marvellous technology! I'm trying to find a way to blame the severe hangover I have on the hour change too.. but have been unsuccessful there so far. Dammit.
We had lots of fun though, Hushy (a fellow blogger - has been very remiss lately and bb mate) and Helen (another bb mate) sang, loudly and drunkenly. I will never look at them the same again. I, of course, remained entirely sober and didn't fall off my chair, fall asleep, spill a bottle of wine or look like I was competing in a "Zombie of the Week" contest. Really, I didn't.
I also didn't stay up til 4am, the real 3am, before stumbling up the stairs whilst attempting to serenade my husband with the marvellous "Bachelor Boy" by good ol' Sir Cliff. It worked! lol. Men hey?

Ok.. to less weighty subjects. Lal is being more monstrous than usual. His new found wobbling (walking) skills are being shown off at every opportunity. I worry about him learning to drive as even now he seems to lack the spacial awareness to not walk headfirst into walls. Poor child cannot turn a corner at all.
The alphabet and number puzzle are turning out to be the very worst things I could ever have bought. The evil little knobby things on the top keep attacking my crawling knees every time I go across the floor, and he doesn't do the puzzles right at all. No matter how hard he claps himself, says "Ell done" or shouts "yay" - the B will not fit in the S place. It just won't.

G is once again off school for two weeks. Hear my deafening silence on that subject. It's been two days so far and I'm already considering dosing her up wth sleeping tabs so she sleeps right through. I wouldn't mind that much, but she keeps stealing HER (birthday) webcam back from my pc. No idea why she thinks she's entitled to it!

And now time to go... the camera people keep on pinging me.. the intrusion has taken what few braincells I didn't kill last night away.

Everyone.. buy a webcam (or steal the one belonging to your eldest child)

K x x

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