Monday, 3 March 2008

Adventures with food.

A weekend off! I had a whole weekend without posting. I'm ashamed of myself. Sadly, K decided to be romantic on Saturday night and made me a meal. And then made me watch a film with him. It was actually lovely spending some time together, made me realise that we don't do it enough.
Of course, when he forgot to get me a card or present for Mother's Day, any warm and tender feelings I had for him disappeared. The Cold War is thawing slightly as he brought me some roses home from work.. but it's still pretty chilly around here.

So.. what happened here? Lal has definitely decided that walking is something he is not interested in. He is, however, interested in climbing onto tables and crayoning in windows. Wax is actually pretty hard to get off. He is also extremely interested in escape methods. I think he may well be Houdini reincarnated. On Saturday, we were parking. I say we.. K was parking as I am completely unable to, especially when I have to get into a single space, G suddenly shouted from the back... "Mum.. Lal is out of his car seat!" Ah yes, the 14 month old can undo the straps (the ones I have difficulty with) and can now get out. He has perfected this art, and when I left him in the car this morning whilst I posted a letter, I got back roughly 45 seconds later to discover him sitting on the floor in the back. Tomorrow I am off out to get a front facing car seat with child proof straps. Gah.

The biggest news is that I have decided to try my hand at cooking. The Tesco delivery contained only ingredients, not a chicken nugget in sight. I now have things that I have no idea what they are, but they guarantee that my entire family will be full of nutrition, healthy and spicy goodness. I may be picturing the old Bisto family style adverts with everyone laughing and joking and tucking in. I can assure you.. it will happen. No one will turn their noses up, or eat out of politeness.

We had a Roast yesterday, usual Sunday fayre, so I has no opportunity to test anything out.. but Lal became my guinea pig tonight. I spent an hour this afternoon making Cottage Pie. Thinly sliced onions and red pepper (took ages as I only know how to cut things in chunks) mashed up mince, some carrots and peas, and a properly boiled, non lumpy mash. Obviously served in specially bought Ramekins, because that's what Annabel Karmel advice. And I must follow her instructions to the letter.

I needn't have worried for a polite response from my son. Noooo. He took one mouthful, gagged and spit it all back out. I tried disguising the flavour and dipping the spoonful into the fruit puree, he ate the puree and spat the pie back out. Gah. He ended up having a Mum's Own jar, and ate the whole lot.

To her credit, after watching Lal's pretty poor attempt, G gave it a go, but to be frank, there isn't enough ketchup in the world to disguise the flavour. She had spaghetti.

K has just got home, his own personal ramekin is heating up in the oven. If he wants to make u[ for the Mother's Day disaster, he will eat it all up.

I am undeterred, tomorrow I am making Salmon mash with courgette and carrot croquettes. Wish me luck.

K x

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