Thursday, 13 March 2008

What the boy did next.

Back again! Had a tough few days with G being ill - miraculous recovery today, just after 12 and no chance of going back to school. She does fake illness well does that girl. She will be delivered to school tomorrow at 7am. I realise she doesn't actually start until 8.40, but I need to make sure she gets there. And stays there. So I'll be back to one child during the day again tomorrow.

And that one child is doing it again. He is now really coming along with the speaking thing. No is still favourite, but he can now say Dog and Cat and Light. Not at the correct objects, obviously, but in their general direction.

Today, as most days are, has been a nightmare. He will not be still. I cleaned most of the house this afternoon, G was being punished by being forced into babysitting, and I dusted, hoovered, polished and bleached the house to perfection. Except the playroom. Obviously left that one alone, so he could roam free. This is what I found. This took 12 minutes for one child, one small child to create. The older one was internet surfing and deleting my half written blog from earlier. Thanks for that.


That's my boy. Random destruction. Every single toy removed from drawers and left to rot. It take me ages to put all the puzzle pieces back in. Is it sad that I time myself so I can beat the previous nights' record? 2mins 23 seconds tonight. Up 18 seconds on Wednesday, but that's because the F was hiding under Jester (rocking horse)

Umm, things Lal has learnt whilst I wasn't writing?
How to climb onto the kitchen table and use items from the fruit bowl as missiles. I was nearly knocked out by a flying apple yesterday.
How to walk, again. At least he's trying and seems to understand the point. He still looks rather like a drunken 18 year old, but he's getting there.
That vertical blinds were the best invention ever. Not only can he use them to crawl in and out of, but if he gets the piece of wire that keeps them together attached to him somewhere, tey follow him across the room!
That Mummy always and magically knows when he has been in the fireplace and eaten the coal.
That cottage pie tastes really nice when mixed with yogurt. Sigh.
That the soft part at the top of mummy's shoulder is perfect to bite. Especially if he pretends he is giving a big hug, so the element of surprise makes the pain worse. Ouch at those evil little nippy teeth.
That sitting on the edge of the bed and leaning backwards hurts.

So just the normal stuff really. Not much to report!

That's it from me.. I've just spotted the missing "i" from the alphabet puzzle, it doesn't take my time up to 2 hours.. it just doesn't.

K x

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Jo said...

That mess is nothing! Nothing I tell you!

And those nippy evil teeth are the Devil's own...are our sons telepathically communicating with each other???